Tuesday, May 19, 2009

one step closer to the Hall...

with an RBI in tonight's dominating win over the Colorado Rockies, Chipper Jones moves into 2nd place on the Braves all-time franchise RBI list.
Hank Aaron 2202 RBI's
Chipper Jones 1389 RBI's
Eddie Matthews 1388 RBI's

Congrats Chipper!


grant said...

Even though I'm not a Braves fan at age 33 and into collecting since 1984 it seems like Mr. Jones has been a constant in my collecting life for so long. I can't imagine a set without him in it. We always praise power hitters and a lot of guys who contribute a hell of a lot more to thier team get lost in that! I'd will love to see chipper Jones inducted! Grant old school pack buster

Ben said...

He's got a long way to go to catch Hammerin' Hank. But I don't think 1600 RBIs is too far out of the question for Chipper, if he can stay healthy for three more seasons.