Monday, April 20, 2009

Box Break

2008/09 OPC Hockey Series One.
That's Mr Hockey, Gordie Howe telling us that this is a 600 card set. In Series One. This is not for the faint of heart.

The base cards... very old school. Matte finish. Great for TTM autos...
Inserts.... Shiny inserts. This one is the All Rookie Team, there are also 1st All Star team and 2nd All Star team insert sets.
One of two parrallel sets. This is the cool one. A retro one per pack of the old '79/80 OPC set.
The 2nd parallel set is the Gold shiny holofoil rainbow set. Or something like that.
There is a insert set based on the "Winter Classic" game that is played outdoors each year. These inserts fall 1 every 2 boxes. I found one. They are thick for some reason. It can't be a decoy card... who puts a decoy card in every 2 boxes?
But that wasn't the box hit.... oh no. It could've been. But it wasn't.... feast your baby blues on this....

Game used Triple Material Ovechkin - Backstrom - Semin!
These fall 1 in every 6 boxes, or 2 per case! Yeah baby! I have used up my luck for the next two years.
The weird thing was it came in the same pack as the Winter Classic card. One helluva pack.
Base cards - 188
Duplicates - 0
Inserts - lots
Pulls - Way more than I should have.
This is a set builders set. The autos fall 1 every 30 boxes, and the jersey cards, as mentioned, 1:6.
This is about the players, all 600 of 'em. In Series One.
My Series 2 box break tomorrow...


stusigpi said...

These boxes have held their value so far. 600 is a few too many cards. 396 is perfect.

Tunguska said...

Nice pull on the Triple Jersey. I managed a Carey Price/Kovalev/Koivu in my breaks. I have tonnes of singles so let me know when you start to build. I can help.