Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tradeaway returns

Awhile back I proposed a tradeaway... here and here, and some of the return packages are starting to come in.
This first one is from Duane of Democratic Roadkill. Duane offered to send me a few of the '08 A&G I still needed,
and threw in some "junkwax type Braves" as he put it.
all under the condition that I didn't send him '88 Donruss wax packs. Apparently Duane has put out restraining orders on people who send those. Okay. (but I think I might've snuck in a '90 Donruss...)
Thanks Duane!
The 2nd one today comes from reader Greg, (you know him as Beardy)... Greg sent some random Braves, including a Murph that I didn't have and a shiny Chipper....
along with some more of '08 A&G off of my wantlist.
Sweet! I may finish this sucker yet before the '09 comes out....... maybe....
Thanks guys! Great trading with you.

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beardy said...

great trading with you too man.