Sunday, April 12, 2009

Last of the Card Show Bounty.....

This is the last of what I picked up at last weekends card show. As some of you know, I've been building the 1971 OPC baseball set. A lot like the Topps version, but different.
I'm not sure how, but I found a guy at the show who had a few off grade '71 OPC's mixed in with a bunch of other baseball gems like '91 Upper Deck, and '86 Topps.

I picked out a few, and asked how much? (is it too hard to put a price on your stuff people?)
Wait for it..... you know what's coming next.... " Make me an offer" he says.
Wonderful. Someone who doesn't know a damn thing, but doesn't want to admit it.
"I'll give you 12 dollars. Take it or leave it"
"Okay" he says.

Tom Seaver, with some love creases...
Al Kaline, all 3 corners of him.
Billy Martin, with his 17th team...

Rod Carew, looking good all around.

Billy Williams, my scanner didn't like the bottom part of his card.

One of my favourite announcers, Don Sutton.

Teddy Ballgame. I think this may be my first real card of Ted Williams. Cool.
The backs, which is what makes them O Pee Chee.
First year and first game in 1969??? I'm not old enough to know for sure, but I hope they're talking about managing.
and............... ROLLIE!!!! sans 'stache.

so that's it... 8 cards closer......

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zman40 said...

That Teddy Ballgame card is the only real card of him that I have as well (the Topps version that is).