Friday, April 24, 2009

%#$@!! ebay'ers

for the second time this month, and for the fourth time this year, an ebayer has screwed me. And not in the good way either. I am sick of how ebay favours the sellers and does not give buyers any recourse.
This is the most minor of the four, but it ticks me off just the same.
I found a Bowman Chrome Draft super parallel XFractor shiny glow in the dark #'d to /199 of Braves outfielder Jordan Schafer. BIN for $1.99.
Here is what I got in the mail today.

Notice any problem? After contacting the seller, I am more than welcome to return the card, at my expense, for a refund of my purchase price, less S+H. To summarize, I pay a total of $6 to get my $1.99 back, with no card to look at.


This goes along with the guy who sent my 30 '71 OPC baseball cards that had been trimmed with scissors. Badly. They were tiny. And mis-shapen. Again, return them at my expense for a refund, less S+H.

The previous two were sellers who did not deliver the waxboxes I had purchased. One proved that he had sent it. (to the wrong address) The other said, but had no proof, that it was returned to sender and wanted another $20 to ship it again.

Both times, ebay did nothing. I'm going to start selling on ebay again, but buying elsewhere.


gcrl said...

wow. was it listed as jordan and not logan? if so, that's pretty crappy that he won't send you all your money back and let you keep the card.
as for the 71 opc, i bought a few on ebay and they were trimmed, too. maybe it's the same guy.
you'll see what i mean in a week or two.

dayf said...

Weak. On the bright side, you have trade bait for Thorzul.