Tuesday, April 28, 2009


That was some playoff hockey! Two amazing Game 7's... and the Braves beating the Cardinals. Before I get to the hockey... an interesting note to the Braves/Cardinals series.

Pujols is 1 for 8 with 3 strikeouts. The Cardinals have "intentionally" walked Chipper 5 times. Including 4 tonight. There is no way that LaRussa is letting his guys pitch to last years Batting Champion, while Bobby is letting his young staff go after what is considered the best hitter in all of baseball. Interesting chess match.

Now the good stuff. If you don't like what you saw in tonight's Game 7's, you're not a sports fan. Wow! Great action and intensity. And some of the greatest goaltending you'll ever see. Amazing.
How Carolina came back against New Jersey I'll never know. I watched it, and I still don't know. Two goals in the last 1:20 of the game to win 4-3. Unbelievable. Cam Ward deserves a medal for his heroics in the Hurricanes' net.....

Speaking of heroics... the only reason there was a Game 7, or a Game 5 for that matter, is Henrik Lundqvist. Unbelievable. The Rangers were no match for the powerful Caps, but Henrik stole, took, absconded, with 3 games.

Wow. This is the reason that playoff hockey is the best sports has to offer, better than the Superbowl, far better than the World Series....

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