Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where have you gone Bill Wennington?

I'm in the middle of Spring Cleaning. Yuck. But it needs to be done. Since there's still snow outside, I'm working inside. The house is pretty much done. Yay.
But my "card closet" is not. It needs it. Desperately. So in I dive. The beginning of Organization 101.

In the next few days you will see random posts like this one. If you want, pay no attention to my ramblings.. if you feel my pain, listen in. you can help. Yes. I'm talking to you.

Random babble #1

Somehow, card #431 Bill Wennington from '90/91 Hoops got up and left. Crawled out of the binder and went home. I looked through my monster box of doubles, and he wasn't there either. Now, I have a case of these waxboxes...(yes, a case) and I will open them all if I have to. It'll save me from sending them to dayf slowly over the next while...
but if you happen to have a minty fresh Bill Wennington #431, and you're willing to share... great.
I thank you. And I'll still be able to send stuff to dayf.

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