Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cardshow bounty part 2

I found this guy at the cardshow who had a lot of binders with autographed cards in them. As usual, they were all hockey. But he overheard me talking to someone and said that he had baseball too... he just never displays them on the table. He dug around under the table and came out with three binders of baseball for me to look through.

Here's what I came home with...
Drew Denson, the Braves 1st round pick in '84 played 12 games for Atlanta in '89.
Dion James ended up with twice as many SB's as HR's in his career. That's what you get from a guy with two hats.
Russ Nixon is one of my favourite managers. Because of his beautiful .376 winning % as manager, the Braves were forced to bring in Bobby Cox as skipper. Thank you Russ.

Tommy Gregg was one of a thousand no-hit outfielders the Braves employed in the late '80's early '90's. 13 homers in 6 years? Seriously?
Joe Boever pitched for 7 teams in 11 years. Nice sig though.
Rick Camp was 56-49 with a 3.37 ERA over 9 years on some horrible Braves teams. And his middle name is Lamar. Really.

Mike Stanton is #2 on the All Time list for games pitched. According to Baseball Reference, he pitched in 1178 games over 19 years.
Don Hood???? Well, I needed him for my 1976 Topps set. Auto or no, he fills up a slot in my binder.

You may have heard of the next two....

That's Greg Maddux with the soon to be retired by two teams #31, and a young rookie named Tom. Hi Tom.

.50 cents each for the early ones... $2.50 each for the Hall of Famers.... $9 bucks well spent.


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I guess being one of the few bb fans up in the frozen north has it's advantages. Well played good sir, well played.

A few notes. James was Pretty effective actually. I rememeber when they brought cox inane I said to myself: what makes him think he knows anything about baseball.

Another note: from 85-94 I probably watched 95% of the braves games that were on tbs. I didn't like the braves but true fan will watch any game, plus I liked the announcers.