Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trade Deadline Response.

For those kids who read my blog regularly, please skip this post. You know who you are, Bobby, Steve, Dan, Nick, and any others I may have missed. Thanks, and check back for the next one, I'll have up some more trade bait.

Today was the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. And of course, the first place Braves just had to make a move. They couldn't stand pat. No. All of the guys who got them into first place to begin with just weren't good enough. Fuck no. We need to make moves. Everyone else is making moves, we need to as well.

Let's fall back a moment... I was pretty quiet about the whole Yunel Escobar thing. Forget that we traded the best defensive shortstop in baseball. Forget that we traded a young guy who's only getting better. Forget that we trade the A.L. player of the week who's made the Highlight of the Night four of the last seven games. In exchange we got an older, short, slightly overweight, light hitting shortstop nicknamed SeaBass. But Canuck, don't forget about the pitcher! We also got a pitcher who has a 12:1 strikeout to walk ratio. He averages two strikeouts per inning! He's the real key in the Escobar deal!

Fast forward to today. We just traded that wonder pitcher. To Kansas City. For Kyle Fucking Farnsworth. So to summarize, we trade away Yunel for a light hitting over weight motherfucker named SeaBass and Kyle Fucking Farnsworth. But Bobby didn't like Yunel. And Bobby is God, Governor, Mayor, and Grand High Inquisitor in Atlanta. So Yunel is gone.

The rest of the trade? Glad you asked. Atlanta has the best bullpen in baseball. So we traded away one of them. Jesse Chavez. Makes sense. He was pitching too well anyway. And why not get rid of our centerfielder as well. Gregor Blanco. We don't need him anyway. Our centerfielder of the future is in AA rehabbing a year long wrist injury. Our centerfielder we traded for last year from the Pirates, All Star Nate McLouth, has been demoted to AAA because he forgot what end of the bat to hold. So we only one centerfielder left. And he's now in Kansas City.

Who'd we get for him? Rick Ankiel. The pitcher who can't pitch. The pitcher who can't play centerfield either. So who's going to play CF?
Surely they don't expect.... oh. Fuck no. Not Fat Bastard.

Melky Fat Bastard Cabrerra. He couldn't hit last year playing for the Yankees. And if you can't hit in Yankee Stadium, you can't hit anywhere. And he isn't. And he's Fat. Capital F. The other day going from 1st to 3rd, a combination of his fat and the circus tent he wears instead of a proper fitting uniform, got hung up in the wind rounding 2nd and he was tagged out without even a slide.

Bobby CAN'T be considering him for CF, can he????

And where the hell is Ankiel supposed to play? The Braves two best hitters play in RF (Jason Heyward) and LF (Matty Diaz)

We don't do the DH thing in the N.L. So one of our two best hitters is going to sit to let a pitcher play the outfield????

Sweet Jesus.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

all the cool kids are doing it....

so why not me? A wee mini trade post to get things moving. We'll group them by sport, one every couple of days. First up, baseball.... I just picked up a mini stack out of the trade box and here they are....
click on the pic to magnify.... I'm looking for Braves, but will consider other sports as well.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I've got Kaka!!!

it's odd how some phrases can mean totally different things depending on their context. This is one of those.
When I jumped up at my dining room table and yelled, "I've got Kaka!!!", at least a dozen of you would know instantly what I was talking about and been happy for me.
My wife, on the otherhand, took my jubulant phrase in a different direction, and gave me an according look.
Those of you who tried to build Panini's Virtual Sticker Book online during the World Cup know of what I speak. I can think of at least 9 guys who needed the Brazillian star as the LAST player to complete their make believe sticker book, myself included.
Fast forward to the real world, and Voila!
In fact, not only did I receive Kaka, I ended up with double Kaka. So if any of you still collecting need Kaka, I'm your guy.
I wonder if I just set the record for most mention of the name Kaka in one post.....


No Ball? No Problem.

Just what the title says... Germany's Mesut Ozil shows us how.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you remember these guys???

Check out the Star of your favourite team... the Face of the Franchise. Do you remember them? Did they turn out to be deserving?

ahhh... the good ole days....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Joy of a Completed Page and a trade plea

Just because the World Cup is over for another four years... doesn't mean the collecting and trading should stop.
Check out my wantlists, I'm down to just over 200 needed for this set, and I'm not giving up.
I've got doubles... let's swap.

Friday, July 16, 2010

You may want to cover your eyes...

so it's official... the entire planet is opening Allen&Ginter. I get it. Well, I used to get it. I don't anymore. I can just go buy the 350 card set online for $15. In fact, I just did. But, to each their own. Have fun busting boxes and in a few instances, cases. Nutjobs......

I went to my LCS last week to pick up some more packets of stickers to bust during the World Cup Finals. He had Ginter sitting on the counter for $5 a pack. I grabbed two packs. This is where I need a sidekick. Someone to say to me at times like this.... "Are you sure you wanna do that?"

May I present to you, the worst pack of baseball cards ever.

264 Captain Nemo.
248 Jason Marquis
273 David DeJesus
112 Tyler Bradt
125 Hideki Matsui regular back mini. All I heard is how hard it is to get a regular back mini and
I get one first pack. Of course Matsui is shown doing something he hasn't done in 7 years. Wear a glove. And to think, there are still a few out there who like the DH.

269 AJ Burnett - no scans of a Yankee
TDH51 Gordon Beckham
Crack the Code Advertisement

This is why I don't buy this crap anymore.
In Pack Two, I did get a hit and an SP.

Shane Freakin' Reynolds.
with an authentic game used bat used by Shane to strike out at least three times.
other cards....
18 Jose Lopez
142 Ubaldo Jiminez
61 Michael Cuddyer
TDH23 Dan Haren
292 Chris Pettit mini A&G back
327 Vernon Wells SP
all cards are for trade.... you know the drill.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Signing Here, for me!

A big thanks goes out to Chris from Sign Here..... and Here. He sent over a package with a few cards in it. But what cards they were......

A shiny 2006 Peter Moylan RC /399
and a 2006 Sweet Spot Peter Moylan Auto /50
Boo Yeah! It's always nice to get new Moylans for the collection.
Chris also hit a few football cards off of my wantlists

Thanks Chris!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

a little late to the party...

I realise that I'm a little late on this one, but it's new to me....

Oli Wahlstrom, a 9 year old Swedish kid at a skills tournament in Boston...

I've just drafted Oli in the second round of my 2011 Hockey Fantasy draft....

I love the look on the goalie at the 48 second mark.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Trading with a Yankees fan....

Okay, first off, I know I haven't been around.... it's World Cup time, and it's hotter than Hades around here. So I've been..... secluded you might say. Others might say I've been hiding in the cool basement refusing to come out. But who listens to "others"?

So to get back in the swing of things, I thought I might put up a trade post. Those of you who don't care, may leave now.... or continue staring at the latest World Cup girl, whichever. But I warn you.... this is no ordinary trade post. This is a weird one.... maybe you can help figure it out.

It's from Sooz. World renowned Yankee fan. But that's okay. We still like her. Well, most of us do.

A couple of weeks ago I had casually inquired (or maybe there was begging involved) about some Chippers she had, along with some 2010 Bowman Braves. Sooz, being the great trader she is, mentioned that she had some Topps Series 2 Braves that she would throw in too. Perfect. All that's left is the waiting. Well wait no more. The package is here. It arrived the day that I got off my butt and mailed her package. (oops. Sorry Suzy)

It starts off according to plan.... 2010 Bowman Braves....

Jair, who should have got the win against the Phillies last night after throwing a two hitter, but the Braves chose to win in extra time.

The best hitter in baseball, Mr All Star, Martin Prado

another All Star, the Old Man, Tim Hudson.

The injured one, who if he wants to go back to the All Star game, must go back to Pittsburgh.

A BMac! And it's Gold! meh..... nice pic though.

some ex-Yankee that we got for Javy.

and his gold version as well.

along with a Smoltz insert. Somebody, anybody... please swap him onto radio and bring Don Sutton back to TV. Thanks.

Now here is where the trade starts to sway.... instead of Topps Series 2, we get a dose of Topps Chicle.

The Future.

BMac - 5 All Star Games in four years of playing. Not bad.

Mr Lucky... or Mr Run Support.

Jair doing his best Tiger Woods smile.

Nate looking like one of those Asian blow up dolls.

Mr Murphy.

and another Mr Murphy.... holy crap.

Game Used Bat Baby! I love you Suzy! Nevermind what I say about the Yankees. They don't deserve you.

Okay, so maybe the Topps Series 2 is next? She just wanted to surprise me with the Murph?

No. Instead, I got these.

and these..

not a Brave in sight. Seriously though? Sometimes I just don't get women. Am I complaining though? Not a chance. These are pretty cool cards. And in case you didn't look to closely, there was this little number.

It is currently on ebay with a BIN of $100,000
Sooz has taken care of my retirement. Thanks Sooz!
btw, if you're interested in the Strasburg, after purchase, mention that you read this blog and I'll throw in free shipping....