Saturday, July 25, 2020

Look what I found! 2018 Donruss Optic Baseball.

Time sure flies when the world is ending. Hopefully we have a bit more time before The End of Days since I haven't watched season 7 of "Castle" yet.
As any baseball fan in Canada knows, finding football or basketball wax is IMPOSSIBLE. (Thanks for nothing Panini.)
Now that has trickled down to baseball. Sure I can go to my local shop and drop $2600 on a single box of 2020 Definitive, but I had left my American Express Centurion card in my other limo that day.
So a blaster of 2018 Donruss Optic baseball it is!

Just the highlights.... this stuff is a bit shiny for me. You could signal aircraft with this stuff.

Okay, okay, it doesn't look that shiny. I was lazy and scanned them with the sleeves still on. You even look at this stuff and it scratches. Sue me.

So this blaster is an automatic win after the first pack.

Hey look! Another pretty good switch hitter.

The main fish himself. I'm tempted to sell my graded liquorfractor rookie of his... I could use the $3500.

Love the old school Rated Rookies. And it's OZZIE! But pink? Really? Shouldn't the Dodger rookies be pink?

Shohei. From what I hear, he goes both ways.

Five packs, so I show five cards. I was pretty happy with it overall. Especially for an unlicensed product.
Damn. Topps should take lessons on how to do a proper card back. They apparently have COMPLETELY forgotten that skill.

Did any of you bust this product? What was your favourite pull?