Saturday, August 25, 2012

Premier League contest - Week 2 - You can still sign up ...

Time for Week Two!
If you're new to the contest, you can sign up below. After the pictures. There WILL be words after the pictures.
For those of you who already have signed up, leave your responses in the comments at the end.
I'm disappointed with this first one. I was under the impression that the Premier League and World Cup kits would be authentically represented in painstaking detail.
No one wears pink in the Premier League.
Kathie Smith must be wearing some sort of training kit.

 Not only is Allegra Wynne good for your allergies, but your rules interpretation as well.
A Gold Star for those of you who gave young Allegra a Yellow Card for wearing jewellry while on the pitch. (A ring, on her finger. Her finger. By the ball! Never mind...)

 Tamara Witmer has been sent off and will not be allowed back on the pitch until she strips off that torn jersey and replaces it with a fresh one.

 Nothing wrong with Nicole Bennett here... but unfortunately the trainer seems to have shrunken her top. Might be a titch uncomfortable to play in that! Especially during throw-ins.

 Speaking of throw-ins, Jacqueline Finnan shows us the correct form for a proper throw-in. Well done!

Alright. Now onto the contest. To refresh everyone's memory, or to inform those newcomers who wish to participate, I will post a pack of these cards every Saturday during the season. In the comments section, post the SCORE of your favourite team's game, and at least ONE GOAL SCORER from the game, either team. If the game ends 0-0, then instead of one goal scorer, list BOTH STARTING KEEPERS.
Also, if you're new, let me know who your favourite team is. If you don't have one..... go HERE <------Clicky and choose one.
All of the teams have their icon at the top that will take you to their home page. Do a little reading and have fun choosing!

If you post by the deadline of Monday, 3pm MST, and get all three things correct, you will get 3pts. If you mess up on something, I'll probably give you 1pt. Not posting gets you nuthin'.
This is a season long contest, so there's lot's of time to get in and win.

The standings after one week.... as can be expected, are deadlocked. EDIT ALERT!!!: it must be the heat or something.... they are not deadlocked, as bob and Reds did not post the required info by the monday deadline. My bad....

Adam E - Liverpool - 3pts
Chuck's Used Cards - Liverpool - 3 pts
Commishbob - Manchester united - 1pt
Dan - Newcastle - 3pts
dayf - Arsenal - 3pts
FanOfReds - Manchester United - 1pt
Kazi - Southampton - 3pts
Play at the Plate - Queen's Park Rangers - 3pts
Richard Nebe Jr. - Reading - 3pts
The Dutch Card Guy - Tottenham - 3pts

any questions? leave a comment and an email and I'll answer... otherwise get watching and commenting!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2006 Fleer Greats of the Game

One of the card shops here in town has wax specials on their trade night. It's a random assortment of boxes, marked down to yummy low prices.
I picked up a box of (if you didn't bother reading the title...) 2006 Fleer Greats of the Game baseball for $20.
I could've bought a 2010-11 SPx baseball for $20, a 2011 UD Football for $20, a 2011-12 Parkhurst Champions Hockey box for $30.... and there was another hockey from this year..... but my memory of it eludes me.
No matter. You're here for the baseball.
One thing, I cracked the box in the store and then foolishly threw away the wrappers and the box. So I have no idea how many cards per pack etc.... but if you know how to work the interwebs, I'm sure you or your 5 year old will be able to find it.
The basecards are kinda cool. They give off an oldtimey feel which is what this set is about.
 I meant to show off a couple of base cards featuring players from different eras but screwed the pooch and scanned Will Clark after I had scanned the Crimedog. Oh well.
 The backs are simple, but simple is good. Lotsa stats. Something I like to see with any set, but especially when featuring older retired players.
(BTW, Whitey wasn't injured or in the minors for those missing years kids. Google 'Korean War' to find out more)
 Of course every set needs a pointless parallel. This is no exception. Instead of green borders, we get a pewter border. But at least you get to see a base card with a guy from the '50's. Ever heard of him?
 A few insert sets to chase as well.... Decade Greats featuring the '50's, '60's, '70's and '80's.... Here's Lefty to demonstrate.
 A few teams get to show off some of their Greats. Detroit, St Louis, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Cincinnati. The Bird is the Word.
 Finally, you get 4 hits in each box. Two relic and two autos. I did okay....

Bruce Sutter of the Cubs.
 Yogi Bear's game used bat.
 an Eric Davis auto
 and an auto from the 'Nickname' insert set... Burt Happy Hooton.
A pretty fun break for $20.

and yes, all cards are up for swap. Although I believe the Berra and Hooton may be spoken for already....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Still time to enter the contest.

There's still time to enter the contest! For details, scroll down and read the post below this one.

(ok, after you ogle at the lovely ladies. But you can always come back after you've entered. They'll still be here. Promise.)

Of course I'll allow entries into the contest after today.... but if you want points from this weekend, including the Manchester United vs Everton game this morning... you'll have to post before 3pm MST.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The new season is underway! and maybe a contest...

It's time already for the start of the 2012-13 season of the Barclay's English Premier League!

I am completely psyched up for the upcoming season. The end of last season was one of the most exciting finishes ever! There is no reason this season won't deliver the same quality.

We have a new ball this year.... the Nike Maxim Ultra Flight somethingorother.....

 Three new teams up from The Championship.

Reading (pronounced 'Redding')
West Ham United

and we say goodbye to

Wigan Athletic

all relegated down.

If you want to keep track of how things are progressing throughout the season, go to the Official Site of the Barclay's Premier League. <------------Clicky

Now, for those of you have managed to read this far, I have a little contest for you. Throughout the season I want you to keep an eye on your team. There are 31 Saturdays in the season. On every one of those Saturdays, I will put up a post.
I will give you until Monday to post a comment giving me the score of your favourite team's game, and listing one of the goal scorer's. If no score, the names of the two goal keepers.

For every time you post correctly, you get three points. If you make an effort, but somehow screw it up, I'll hand out one point. The one with the most points at the end of the season wins a prize. I'll randomize everyone else to give out another prize.

If you don't follow English football, fear not! Simply go to the Premier League homepage. <---- Clicky.
Along the top are the icons that will lead you to all of the teams webpages. Do a little research, and pick one! Congratulations! You now have a favourite team.

You will have fun learning about your team throughout the season, I promise.

As an incentive, I picked up a box of 2006 Benchwarmers World Cup with 24 packs. I will open and post those packs, one every Saturday.

Here's your first taste.
 First we have Japanese striker Aiko Tanaka!

 Irish defender Alana Curry

 Polish midfielder Janis Kowalsky. Because she looks like a Kowalsky. More like a Tanaka.

 Sweet mother.... Kasie Head. Like Sean Connery said, "I must be dreaming..."

 and Mexican keeper Tammy Vallejos

 so there you have it.... quit gawking and get to finding your team. The matches start 8:00 am MST.

Go United!!!! Beat the Blues!
For this week one, because there is a match on Monday, you have until 3pm MST on Monday.

Questions? Get commenting!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

...and Oh Hey! Melky?

I got two words for ya!

cheating loud mouthed bastard.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let's all wish a big Happy Birthday....

First, a huge Happy 25th Birthday to future CFL great, Tim Tebow.
 Let's hope this day finally brings him the media attention he so richly deserves. Soak it up Tim.

Second, a Happy 29th Birthday to...

no, wait... that ain't right. I meant this instead.....

better. Anybody got cake?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cardboard Musings on 2012-13 Score Football.

I stopped by one of the local card shops today on my lunch. My buddy was on vacation, but he had left behind a brand new box of 2012-13 Score Football on the counter. 

At a buck a pack, how could I go wrong? Let me show you.....

I originally plunked down a 10 spot and grabbed a couple of packs. I opened the first one.


I opened the second one.


On to the third.


The fourth?

Dear gods, what am I doing?

I stopped at four and bought 2012 Euro sticker packets with the rest.

But, I may as well show you so you can be saved the trouble.

The base cards. 300 cards to the base set. I've done better recently with my own customs using Inkscape than this. Nice borders Panini.
 How about the backs? Maybe they're better. Um. No.
 Thanks for telling me the little number in the corner is actually the card number. That helps. Nice use of blank space. Maybe the kids are supposed to take their school notes on these?

Of course there are the obligatory rookies.
 Nice of Justin to stay out of prison long enough for a photo to be taken in anything but a day-glo orange jumpsuit.

Along with five, yes, five parallel sets to the base set.... there are seven different insert sets to chase, each with three different parallel versions. Good luck building a set by buying packs.

Some of the inserts..... Complete Players
 In The Zone!!! (exclamation points mine)
 Numbers game. (I typed Munbers four times before getting it right)
 RC Flashbacks. Really? Do I need an RC Flashback of a 1990 Haywood Jeffires card? I still haven't forgotten the original. Have you? If so... I have several. Just shooot me a comment.
 They look like this if you're interested. Just like Topps reprinting 1975, Panini couldn't quite get the colours right.
 Great. Now I have the Houston Oilers fight song going through my head. Where's my gun?

and of course, Hot Rookies! Now, from a low end set, this is what I'm looking for/expecting. This card actually looks kinda good.
I'm guessing, but it looks like unlike hockey, the 4-5 "key" guys aren't super short printed. Or maybe they are. Who knows?

Anyways, thanks for looking... it'll be the last of this you see around here.

Oh, and here's a video for you. See if you can last through the whole 2:25. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy crap! Are You Ready?

With all of the excitement of the Olympics, I completely missed the fact that as of today, it's football season! (insert obligatory Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck wabbit/duck season joke here)

That's right, it's Hall of Fame weekend. And that means the annual Hall of Fame game was played. Arizona vs New Orleans. Who won? Who cares?

The absolute highlight of the night was colour man Mike Mayock singing "Play that funky music white boy" from beginning to end with 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

Gotta get used to some new things this year.... replacement refs for one, and I've heard rumours of a new QB in Denver. Anybody else hear about that?

And another thing, anybody bust any of this Inception stuff??? It's pretty sweet.

Go Cowboys!