Tuesday, March 31, 2009


KISSIMMEE, Fla. (AP) - The Atlanta Braves say they have agreed to terms with third baseman Chipper Jones on a three-year contract extension through 2012 with an option for 2013.

The agreement Tuesday virtually guarantees that the 36-year-old Jones will play his entire career in an Atlanta uniform.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.
A six-time All-Star, Jones was the National League's Most Valuable Player in 1999. His .310 lifetime batting average ranks second among switch hitters, trailing only Frankie Frisch's .316. He has 408 home runs, trailing only Mickey Mantle (536) and Eddie Murray (504) in homers by a switch hitter.
He is the only switch hitter with at least 300 homer and a .300 career batting average.


Monday, March 30, 2009

part of the great tradeaway...

as first seen here, I just wanted to show a little piece of what's available in the (semi)great tradeaway...
That's right. A 1988 Score Rack Pack. This one has some guy by the name of Dale Murphy on the front. There's more... a lot more.
I've got about 25-30 wax boxes for this tradeaway. In all glorious junkiness....
Who wants some?

EDIT: thanks you for the 27 emails... I now know two things. One: people actually read this stuff, and Two: it's a 1989 Score rack pack. I appreciate the support.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling all 1971 collectors...

I need a little help here. As most of you know, I live in Calgary. That's Canada. Which means O Pee Chee, not Topps. So I have a lot of these....
with these types of backs....
not these....
I have around 350 of these 1971 OPC cards... who in the heck can I trade with to try and get the rest??????
Also, why are all the backs like the Nolan Ryan above... except for one, which looks a lot like the Topps Palmer
If anyone has info on these, I'd love to hear it.... and if anyone knows a Canadian with a box of these in their attic, I'd like that info as well...

idle hands you know...

So I find myself with a little spare time now that I don't have to worry about that whole career thing. Why not get some trades going?
Trading for my wantlists has been rather slow lately... so I figure why be so specific? Here's what came to me.
I found a box of 92/93 Pro Set Jumbo hockey ridiculously cheap. 20 packs. I opened one and posted on A Pack A Day, the other 19, as well as a lot of other junk wax I have are available. For next to nothing. Or less than nothing.

Here's the deal. If you would like a pack of junk wax, shoot me an email. Offer me something in trade. A card. A picture of your cat. Or even, a surprise. I don't care. Include your address and I'll send you a pack or two of junk wax. I have a couple boxes each of hockey, basketball, and baseball.

You'll get something to open, and I'll be able to start my spring cleaning.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a cure for depression... maybe not...

So I was a little depressed today... so I thought I might make a trip to the nearest card shop. That will cheer me up, right?

'09 Spectrum - $145 a box
'09 In The Game Between the Pipes $120 a box
'09 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2 - $85 a box
'09 Champs Hockey (hockey's version of A&G) - $150 a box
'09 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 - $110 a box

Seriously? Is this what the new stuff is going for? I haven't been on th 'bay for awhile, but really? For new stuff?

It's no wonder I always wait and buy wax a year or two after the fact.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It happened to me...

What has happened to so many others, has finally happened to me. I thought I was safe, being in the industry I was in, but no.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Tonight's six pack performance has been shortened due to weather. Well, okay, not weather. I found the "case hit" in the third pack I opened tonight. Yes. Even in 1992 they had case hits.

Pack 13;

John L. Williams RB - Seahawks
Burt Grossman DL - Chargers
Randall McDaniel G -Vikings
Bobby Hebert QB - Saints
Bobby was always one of my favourite players growing up.

Clyde Simmons DE - Eagles
James Lofton WR - Bills
Pack 14;

Mike Pritchard WR - Falcons
Anthony Carter WR - Vikings
Jay Novacek TE - Cowboys
you ever seen a Hall of Famers security blanket??? Take another look at Novacek.

Steve Sewell RB - Broncos
Tony Zendejas K - Rams
Giving the kickers some love....
Duane Bickett LB - Colts

Pack 15;

Anthony Thompson RB - Cardinals
Mark Rypien QB - Redskins
Rob Burnett DE - Browns
Dave Meggett KR - Giants
Clarence Verdin KR - Colts
Only one card left..... you're breathless, I know....
Warren Moon QB - Oilers
wait. that's it? No. Flip it over. Oh, wait.... here. Let me do it for you....
That's braille my fine sighted friends. An Action Packed braille card. 1992's equivalent of a case hit.
All I need now is that Barry Sanders auto.
EDIT: okay, upon a little investigation on the ole interwebs, unlike 1991, in 1992, the braille cards were a little more common. Like one per two boxes... mea culpa people.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1992 Action Packed Football box break packs 7-12

For the first six packs of this break, go here. Here we go with the next six.

Pack seven.
Dennis Smith - Broncos. One of the hardest hitting safeties in the game.
Mel Gray KR - Lions
Ronnie Lott S - Raiders
Steve DeBerg QB - Chiefs
Steve played 47 years in the NFL for 21 different teams, finally retiring at the age of 68.

Jim Harbaugh QB - Bears
Richmond Webb T - Dolphins

Pack eight.

Mark Higgs RB - Dolphins
Steve Jordan TE - Vikings
Ken Norton Jr. LB - Cowboys
Ken is the son of heavyweight boxing champion Ken Norton Sr. That's one tough family.

Vince Buck CB - Saints
Roman Phifer LB - Rams (seen here removing not only the ball, but Jeff Hostetler's head)
Eugene Daniel CB - Colts

Pack nine.

Keith McCants DE - Bucs
Keith Byers RB - Eagles
Brian Blades WR - Seahawks
Louis Lipps WR - Steelers
Pepper Johnson LB - Giants
Ernest Givins WR - Oilers
- my first duplicates, all six of 'em. Interesting.

Pack ten.

Vinny Testaverde QB - Bucs
Vinny challenged Steve DeBergs record that I mentioned earlier... falling two seasons short.

Bill Romanowski LB - 49'ers
Barry Foster RB - Steelers
That is the furthest Bam Bam Foster ever got off of the ground. Ever.
Ernie Jones WR - Cardinals.
How times have changed. Take a look at the stands in that shot. There's no one there. This isn't preseason, or warmups before the game. This was shot November 24, 1991. The Cardinals were 4-8 at that time. The loss to the Eagles 34-14 that day dropped them to 4-9. Is it any wonder they dropped the name "Phoenix" for "Arizona". Somebody, anybody... go watch them. I don't think they have that problem now.
Pat Harlow T - Patriots
Marion Butts RB - Chargers
Pack 11
Mark Croel LB - Broncos
Jessie Tuggle LB - Falcons (seeing if dayf is paying attention)
Mark Carrier S - Bears
Mark Clayton WR - Dolphins
Bill Brooks WR - Colts
Larry Brown CB - Cowboys (only one great game in his career, and he became SuperBowl MVP because of it. Larry has good timing.)
Pack twelve.
Hardy Nickerson LB - Steelers
Herschel Walker RB - Vikings
Herschel is singlehandedly responsible for the Cowboys three Super Bowl titles in the late nineties. Dallas traded Herschel to Minnesota for 5 players, 3 1st round picks, 3 2nd round picks, and 2 3rd round picks. Just to mention some of the players Dallas drafted with those picks... Russel Maryland, Darren Woodson, and the guy on the next card in this pack.
Emmitt Smith. Awesome.
James Jones DT - Browns
Bruce Armstrong T - Patriots
Sam Mills LB - Saints
That was an awesome last pack.
So through 12 packs, 72 cards, 66 cards towards the set, 6 duplicates. All of the duplicates came in the same 6 card pack.
We'll see how the last half of the box goes... maybe we'll find that Barry Sanders auto....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Closer....closer... sooo close.....

Today was a day of highs and lows. First, the lows. A trip to the dentist. I'll spare you the details. We've all been there. On the way home, some highs. First, the sun was shining and it got up to 10 degrees today. A beautiful start to Spring. Next, a stop at the mailbox. I love the mailbox. Today brought me three packages. I'll talk about two of them here.

My good friend Suzy from A Cardboard Problem sent me some Braves. Not just any Braves, but new Braves. Braves I don't have, or will ever have the chance to buy, as living in Canada is the same as living in a vacuum sometimes. (Still no new baseball here.)
These are the new fangled Topps Black cards all the kids are talking about.

these black cards teach me, if nothing else, that my scanner bed needs cleaning.
and Jo-Jo!
Sooz also sent a super ultra rare serial numbered Gold bordered Bobby Cox. #1237/2009!!!
okay. not that rare. but is it odd that I now have the gold #'d parallel and the exclusive black version of this before I have ever even seen a regular 2009 Topps card???
note: Both versions of Bobby were the only ones encased in top loaders. Even a Yankee fan gives Bobby the respect he deserves.

Also, some '09 Upper Deck. The Braves Team Leaders card;
I LOVE these team leader cards.... love 'em! They remind me of the OPeeChee hockey league leaders in the mid-late '70's. Beautiful.

this one obviously was spared by the chipper.

Thom Glavine. I mean, Tom Glavine. This is Upper Deck, not Topps.
and finally, a puzzling one. I guess maybe Suzy is tired of our little blog war. She's decided to make peace. The final card she sent is of her favourite player, Derek Jeter, shown here in all full bleed colour, striking out against Anaheim.
A nice gesture Suzy. Thank you.
Which brings me to the second package. And the title of today's entry. Scott from Hand Collated
sent me this little gem.
One more elusive card, and this set is history! Thanks Scott.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feeling lucky?

If you are... head over to I Am Joe Collector and sign up for his latest case break. A really good price and you are guarranteed to get cards.... Go. Now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

1992 Action Packed Football box break Packs 1-6

You all know why I've brought you here.... a little Action Packed! Action Packed did football cards in the early '90's. But not just any football cards. 3D relief textured super touchyfeely football cards.
Upon opening the box, I find this!
An order form for super cool Action Packed stuff! If anyone has one of those leather jackets in a 52 Extra Tall, let me know.

The wrapper.
For the '91 set, the wrapper was black. In '92, it's white. Now you know.
Pack One
John Elway QB Broncos (it's going to be a good box)
Eric Kramer QB Lions
Nick Bell RB Raiders
Terry Allen RB Vikings
Mark Ingram WR Giants (Boo!)
Rickey Reynolds CB Bucs (love those old school jerseys)
Pack Two
Dave Meggett KR Giants
Chris Spielman LB Lions
Tim Brown KR/WR Raiders
Marv Cook TE Patriots
Broderick Thomas LB Bucs
Tommy Kane WR Seahawks
Keith McCants DE Bucs
Pack Three
Keith Byers RB Eagles (Boo!)
Brian Blades WR Seahawks
Louis Lipps WR Steelers
Pepper Johnson LB Giants
(The backs have another photo of the player, as well as a spot on the bottom where you were supposed to get their autograph. Blue backs and fronts for the NFC, Red backs and fronts for the AFC)
Ernest Givins WR Oilers (Love the powder blue!)
Pack Four
John Offerdahl LB Dolphins
Mark Jackson WR Broncos
Jay Higenberg C Bears
Chris Miller QB Falcons (This one's for you dayf)
Leonard Russell RD Patriots (this set is full of the old jerseys... this was back when the Patriots still sucked)
Pat Swilling LB Saints
Pack Five
William Fuller DE Oilers
Louis Oliver S Dolphins
Greg Kragen NT Broncos
Aeneas Williams CB Cardinals
Andre Rison WR Falcons (before his girlfriend burnt his house down)
Tom Waddle WR Bears
Pack Six
Neal Anderson RB Bears
Vincent Brown LB Patriots
Rich Gannon QB Vikings
Shane Conlin LB Bills
Jeff Herrod LB Colts
Tony Tolbert DE Cowboys (How 'bout dem Cowboys!)
Not too bad..... packs 7-12 tomorrow...