Friday, December 16, 2016

Early Santa visit? Nope, but close....

I received an envelope in the post the other day. It's that time of year. Xmas cards from folks you haven't seen or talked to in way too long.
Only the card in this envelope wasn't the Xmas kind. Although it was from a friend I haven't talked to in the previously mentioned way too long.

Jim, from gcrl fame, and with a newish blog to give us his thoughts, ( click here  cards as i see them ) sent over this extremely shiny monstrosity.

Some sapphire parallel that is supposedly /250 but Topps was too lazy to number it.
It's nice when people remember you when they pull certain cards. This will go very nicely into my Adam binder.
Adam is retired now, so his card count in future year's offerings should fall slightly. Probably down to 0.

Thanks for the thought pal. I've got a little something for you once the holiday mail rush dies down. No way I'm going anywhere near a post office right now. Yikes.