Saturday, October 27, 2012

Premier League Contest - Week 7

Hello and welcome to Week 7 of our Premier League Contest.

This is a special week, as we see the new Nike Maxim Hi-Vis ball introduced to League play. It's the same ball we've been using all season, except instead of white, it's now day-glo yellow for increased visibility during winter football.

A similar ball from Adidias is being displayed by lovely Carrie Stroup here....

Ashley Smith shows us a prototype ball still in secret development and under a black protective camouflage.

Tira Provost reminds us of the time when we used to play for "The Golden Goal." Thankfully, we don't do that anymore.

Flo Jalin shows us a blue ball. 'nuff said there.

And finally Mishel Thorpe brings us our weekly medical fun fact. Did you know that J-LoPhobia is a fear of a big backyard?
Thank you... I'll be here all week.

I'm actually quite surprised that we've gone this long without hitting any duplicates.... I'm sure that will change very soon. Maybe I'll have to change things up.... instead of posting duplicates... maybe a knockout bracket to choose the Premier League Girl of the Contest or something... Thoughts?

Anyways... all teams play this weekend, so please get your answers in by Monday afternoon at the latest.

And as always..... Go United! Huge game this week against Chelsea and we have numerous injuries...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm about to go Felix Millan all over your ass...

My collecting pendulum has been swinging again. (I'll pause while you get a visual.)
As most of you are aware, I didn't go after any baseball sets this year. Heritage tempted me with all of it's pretty colours, but I held fast. 
Ginter sang it's siren song, but it fell on deaf ears this year.
All I wanted from this year's cards were my Braves. More on that in another post.
Football was the same. Granted, someone gave me a large chunk of the Topps base set, and I will try and complete it, but trade partners are hard to come by for that set. We'll worry about that another day... or maybe we won't.
Which brings us to my beloved hockey. With OPC, I was all in.... and I'm damn near finished the base set, the parallel set, and both insert sets.
I hear Upper Deck comes out very soon. But I may, for the first time in five years, pass. Maybe blame the fact that there are no games being played... but I think that's only a small part of it.
I updated my wantlists the other day.... I always have a printed out version on paper to take with me to shows, trade nights, what have you. Yeah, I'm old school. While everyone else at trade night has Galaxy SIII smart phones and tablets.... I still use paper. Again, maybe that will change.... but it's okay if it doesn't... I'm happy with my paper.
The point is, that after updating, my hockey section went from seven pages down to four and a half.
That felt good.
Instead of adding to it, I was crossing sets off. I liked that feeling.
So I think I'm done for awhile of buying new stuff.... other than what's on my lists of course.
So if there's no new stuff being bought... it must be old stuff, right?
I placed an order with an old online supplier that I used to use a lot, but haven't visited lately.
Sure enough, he had scads of cards I needed.
We'll start off slowly.... with our old buddy Felix.
 1968 and 1969 style. Can you imaging the uproar if Topps used the same photo in back to back years now? Oh wait. They do that. Never mind.
 However... it was just when I actually held the cards in my hand did I notice for the first time that there is a baseball in the photo. Apparently someone is tossing ole Felix a ball.
Felix doesn't care.... he's too busy staring into your soul.....

To finish things off, how about a glorious All Star card?
Like my good friend Paris used to say.... That's hot.

Like those 3 cards for under a buck hot. Seriously.

I think I'm going to like my new pendulum. Three more cards scratched off my list.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Premier League Contest Week 6

EDIT: I love blogger... this was supposed to publish early this morning... but no. Thanks blogger.

Okay... I only have about 8 minutes to bang out this post, so let's get going...

You all know the drill by now... Get your responses in by Monday afternoon.
Hungarian cutie Catherine Kluthe starts us off right....

Welsh striker Jenny Oliver tries to pych you out with hypnosis. Avoid the eyes!

Portugese fullback Loriann Valencia gets ready to lose the warmup jacket

 American Aubrey Lemon shows off her collection of blue ball

and finally Nikko Zeno shows off proper ball handling techniques for you beginners out there...

Good luck, and Go United!!!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Who Wants in on a Football Break???

Hey kids... football season is in full swing, and those wax boxes aren't going to break themselves.
So why not crack a bunch of 'em in one shot? One of my local card shops is opening a mountain of cards....

Look at what's being opened!

Here's what we're cracking:

2012 Leaf Autographed Mini-Helmet - 1 box,
2012 Panini Elite - 1 box,
2012 Panini Momentum* - 1 box,
2012 Panini Prominence* - 1 box,
2012 Panini Rookies & Stars - 1 box,
2012 Topps Finest - 1 box,
2012 Topps Prime - 1 box,

2011 Panini Crown Royale* - 1 box
2011 Prime Signatures* - 1 box,
2011 Topps Supreme* - 1 box,

* Base cards will be included for these products!

That's quite a lineup. $35 a slot. That's it. $35! This will be done as a team draft style break at one of my local card shops.

It will also be broadcast live on Blog TV, so you can see your hits appear in front of your very own eyes. And also talk some smack to yours truly.

If you want in on this FB goodness, leave a comment here, or better yet, go HERE <------clicky and sign up!

If you have any questions, leave a comment. Draft is Wednesday, October 24 at 6:00pm MST

Monday, October 8, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Premier League contest, Week Six.

Welcome to Week Six!

How's your team doing? Better than you expected? Worse? Have you learned anything new about them? Any Champion's League or Euro Cup news?

Let's dive in...

Italian Amereican keeper Marla Esposito is ready for action.

Ukranian fullback Alix Agar looks like she's taking no crap from anyone.... eeech....

American Crystal Lett is proud in her country's colours.

Victoria Fuller. I went to school with a cute blonde named Victoria Fuller......... Hmmm........

and finally Dutch All Star Katarina van Derham....
can anyone tell me what the final three have in common?

Good luck to your team this week, except Newcastle of course....  Everyone plays this weekend so get you guesses in by Monday afternoon please. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life lessons : Perspective

Life is about perspective. Always remember that. Look at things from both sides.

You're standing there next to me holding your beautiful little baby.

I lean over and give your baby a hug.

Now according to the NFL replacement officials, your beautiful little baby is now MY beautiful little baby.

See? They failed to look at both sides. Well, they failed to look, period. But you get my meaning.

Whenever a situation arises at home or at work, always stop and consider perspective.

Your daily life lesson from your Uncle Canuck.

You're welcome.