Saturday, February 23, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 27

Welcome Back!!!
We are already into Match 27 of our 38 match schedule. My how time flies.

While our ladies turn the other cheek, let's check out the table and see how our teams are doing...

Man Utd 2665
Man City 2653
Chelsea 2649
Tottenham 2648
Arsenal 2644
Everton 2642
Liverpool 2739
Swansea 2737
West Brom 2637
Stoke 2633
West Ham 2630
Fulham 2629
Sunderland 2629
Norwich 2629
Southampton 2627
Newcastle 2627
Aston Villa 2624
Reading 2623
Wigan 2621
QPR 2617

It seems that United has eliminated a few more teams from top flight contention.

How's your team doing? Still in the hunt for Champions League?

There is a match on Monday, so let's get your comments in by Tuesday lunch.

and as always, Go United!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a few nice additions... the easy way.

I'd open up with something witty about not posting much lately.... but what are you gonna do? Fire me? Pfft...

to continue the theme week from my other blog, today we're concentrating on the word of the day.

At the last trade night, I got a baseball card given to me gratis. Nothing unusual about that, except this is no ordinary card.
Oh yeah.

Dale Murphy. M.V.P.

a little story behind it.... someone pulled it from a pack. Of course those who were gathered around at the time saw this and started Ooohing and Aaahing and calling my name.

At certain times of the evening, that's a good thing.

At trade night with a bunch of dudes.... not so much.

It only means someone pulled a card I want that I probably can't afford.

Anyways, the card was brought over for me to see by a buddy of mine.... after drooling I announceed to the room in general (as I had no idea who pulled it) that I would DEFINATELY want to trade for it.

Ten minutes later someone brought the card back and handed it to me.

Turns out they had a trade going with the person who pulled it,and had them throw in the card in the deal. They then gave it to me, gratis.

That was a pretty good way to start out trade night.

Apparently there is also a Chipper just like this one that I need to track down. I betcha that one won't be gratis.

Ah well..... it's all in the chase.

My pal Jamie also pulled a card for me. Rather than fling it across the room in anger, he gives me his Cowboy pulls.

This from last trade night....
this one from the one before ...
bittersweet as I believe Felix has fumbled his last carry for Dallas. Good luck whereveer you end up Felix.

Thanks guys!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 26

Here we go again... a full slate of games this weekend, with Liverpool and West Brom bringing up the rear on Monday.

Lucy is NOT a Liverpool supporter.

Get your results in by Monday night. Good luck, and Go United!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

1952 Lightning Bolts. You heard me.

I've been slowly going through the package that dayf the Cardboard Junkie sent me awhile ago. I was initially planning to show this card off last, as it is the best card from the package. But the more I look at it, the more I wanted to show it off. As it is without a doubt, in the top two of cards I have ever received.
There it is. Glorious. For those not in the know, it is a 1952 Topps Earl Torgeson. Perhaps the most over rated set of all, but still epic in it's epicness.

It is also my very first 1952 Topps Brave. My chase for the team set is officially underway. I've always had the '52 set on my list, but it now has a little check mark on it.

But how awesome is this card? For one, it's more oval now than rectangular. What was once the four corners are now as soft as bunnies.
This is the kind of card that takes me back to being a kid again. Something this hobby has lacked for me lately.
And the kid in me says, those are NOT creases, but rather lightning bolts coming from Torgeson's bat!

I think this card is in a tie for my all time favourite card from a fellow blogger. It's right there with this one I featured a long time ago.

a 1954 Bowman Eddie Matthews. Also from dayf. I'm sensing a pattern here.
Thanks pal.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Serious problem.

this is my life right now.....

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's over.. Game over man, Game Over!

Kudos to you and free internet cookies of you know the movie from which the title pays homage.

But it is over. No more football until September. Of course, we do have the draft in April, and the combine before that. But for true competition, we wait until fall.

Thank the gods there is hockey.

Some of you may remember that before the season started, my pal Jamie and I, or rather our alter egos, did a little pre-season prognosticating.

Let's review and grade, shall we?

Keep in mind that the two of us are desperate homers and will defend our respective teams until we die.

First up, Jamie. He picked.....

Okay. not bad. Correct choices with his Pats and the Niners. Also correctly picked the losing Super Bowl team.

As for me...

Aside from my love of the 'Boys... I nailed it.

Pats and Ravens with the Birds winning... Booyeah.
Niners in the Championship game... yessir.

Just ignore that Dallas part... *cough*...

3/4 ain't bad ya know.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Premier League Contest - Match 25

What better way to celebrate Match 25 than with Southampton's biggest supporter, Lucy.

Lucy is very excited her Saints are back in the Premier League.

I'm very glad that United beat them on Wednesday.

All games are this weekend so let's get your posts in by Monday afternoon.

And with the results from midweek, we can officially start the countdown to the Championship.

With 14 matches remaining... QPR has been eliminated. United now only needs to eliminate 18 more clubs!

Man Utd 2459
Man City 2452
Chelsea 2446
Tottenham 2442
Everton 2441
Arsenal 2438
Liverpool 2435
Swansea 2434
West Brom 2434
Stoke 2430
Sunderland 2429
Fulham 2428
West Ham 2427
Norwich 2427
Newcastle 2424
Southampton 2423
Reading 2420
Wigan 2420
Aston Villa 2420
QPR 2416

and as always... Go United!