Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Everyone else is talking Stadium Club, why not me?

I came home from work today to a mini mail day. I received a few treats from reader Rob, who contacted me awhile ago and we worked out a trade. Second was a small envelope from a seller I frequent on the 'bay.
Coincidently(or not) there are a few hot topics regarding 2008 Stadium Club in blogs here, and here, as well as a couple of others that I perused. Basically, the collation blows. The checklist is confusing as hell. And the packs are expensive.
Here's how I adapt. I can't afford these expensive packs... so I find an insane casebuster, and cherry pick his hits off of the 'bay. Here is my first attempt, all from the same seller....

Gregor Blanco Rookie Auto
cost $0.99
Gregor Blanco Rookie Photographer's Proof Blue Auto 61/99
cost $2.27
Gregor Blanco Rookie Photographer's Proof Gold Auto 42/50
cost $1.57
Total cost including shipping... $6.85 for three autos of a player I really like. Not some free agent walk on never was wannabe.
Oh, and he threw this in gratis....

This is the way I'll collect Stadium Club... now onto the next Brave...

Monday, December 29, 2008

It still grinds my gears...

so if you read my last post on the start of my 2006 Flair Showcase Football box break, you know my rant. If you didn't read it... scroll down... hurry up. We'll wait ............................................... back? Good. On with the break. Did the hits get better? (I'll cover the base cards in another post... I still have another box of these to bust)
Mike Haas - Luxury Suite Rookie 625/699
Mike has never played in an NFL game. Awesome.
Reggie McNeal - Club Level Rookie 246/499
Reggie was a college QB drafted as a WR in the 6th round. He has played a grand total of one down in the NFL. A run for 8 yards. After some trouble with the law, Reggie is now a back up WR with the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL.
Mark Bulger - Sideline Pass 39/75
a solid QB....
Carson Palmer - Sideline Pass 627/999
another solid QB, but 999???

This brings us to the second promised auto.
Martin Nance WR. Perfect.
You should be worried when you see the hit of the player you've never heard of, and he's in one uniform, but the card lists him with another...... it gets better.. he's actually with another team right now. Practice squad with Pittsburgh.
Career totals - 1 game. 4 catches. 33 yards. Super.

Now the jersey cards.

Michael Huff Raiders

Ronnie Brown - Dolphins

Sweet! Two pretty good pulls here. The cards are awesome looking in person. These are what jersey cards should be. Bold colours. Good photo of the player. Proper placement of the swatch. The teal of the Brown card sparkles in person. Nice black on the Raider card too... Keep your damn useless FA rookie never has been wannabe autos....

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears...

Normally, I'm a pretty easy going guy... not much upsets me. Today's Cowboys "effort" not withstanding...
But this really chokes me. You buy a box of cards. Pay an abnormal amount for S+H (that's a subject for another post) Get it home, and start to crack it open.
You're supposed to get "x" number of hits. Two packs into your box break, you find a hit. It's a rookie auto!!!
Hmmmm.... I watch a lot of football. But I never heard of this guy.... so to Google we go.

Oct 4, 2007: Released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Oct 3, 2007: Signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the practice squad.
Sep 1, 2007: Released by the Tennessee Titans.
Feb 17, 2007: Signed as a free agent by the Tennessee Titans to a two-year contract.
Feb 17, 2007: Signed as a free agent by the Tennessee Titans.
Jun 9, 2006: Waived by the New York Jets.
May 1, 2006: Signed as an undrafted free agent by the New York Jets.
May 1, 2006: Signed as an undrafted free agent by the New York Jets.

Now this product was released in November of 2006. Five full months after DonTrell had been cut. You have players in your set who are not even playing the game anymore... But why would you have undrafted free agent autos in the first place????? He's never played a game. Never suited up for a game. He's not even good enough for the practice squad.
the rest of this box had best be stellar....

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Score Football Hobby Box Break

It's time to break a box. My wife loves football cards... so I get to buy boxes of football with no evil glares... you know what I mean....
20 packs per box, 5 cards per pack.
What I got;
all the key guys are here.....

the cards are very shiny with multiple colours to them. They don't scan worth a crap though.

New players are shown in team colours, although most from training camp.
Onto the collation;
79 base cards out of the 330 card base set. No duplicates.
7 Rookies out of the 110 SP set (cards #'d 331-440)
the best being Chris Johnson #043/100
11 inserts from the various insert series...
Limas Sweed Hot Rookie 24/30 the best of the bunch...
and three autographs.... now here is where my beef starts. We all know how we all feel about sticker autos.... I hate 'em, but they are a way of life. If there was one picture that could be presented in court as to the stupidity of sticker autos, may I present Phillip Merling...
Ball point pens on glossy stickers and even glossier foil cards don't work well.
Phillip has played in 15 games so far with 2 starts. 26 tackles, 2 sacks and a pass defended.
Not a bad player. As far as a hobby "hit" though... not good. His card is #'d 239/500 I wonder how many were done in ballpoint before someone realized... "Maybe this isn't a good idea..."
Next up we have a Gold Zone Rookie Auto of Jacob Hester. Jacob is a fullback in charge of clearing the way for LaDanian Thomlinson. 15 games played, 2 starts, 11 carries for 58 yards. 10 catches for 73 yards and a touchdown.
Still, he's a fullback. Good player, bad hobby hit. Jacob is #'d 21/50
Will I be destined to a box from hobby hell? What could possibly save me from forgetmeville?
My wife answered that in the second last pack she opened. (Why does she always get these???)
May I (my wife) present to you...
Matt Ryan Red Zone Auto #05/25
I don't need to retype Matt's stats? Do I? Just say this out loud.... Matt Ryan, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year....
A box saver for sure...
All in all a good box. I got a lot of the superstars, some good rookies, and a lot of hits. This is not a set builders set though. 110 SP's and only 7 in a box? Plus, I'm not a big fan of the "all foil, all the time.."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Who's your Mommy?

Jim from TasteLikeDirt offered a trade for some 1990 Donruss. I sent him the last couple that he needed and some random Oakland A's.. and he sent me a bunch off of my wantlist. I should be darn close to a complete set now...
Just another mailday blogger trade post you're thinking.... but no. Here's where it gets interesting...
My cards came wrapped in this....
Go ahead... click on it. Who's Your Mommy??????? Is this a challenge? Alright Jim, i accept your challenge.
#1 Calf - matches with Cow.
Ha! Take that! I defy you to do better with #2...

After Christmas catch up time Part One

Awhile back, our friend Steve over at White Sox Cards was having a little contest. I LOVE contests. The only problem was Steve at White Sox Cards was giving away, well, White Sox Cards. And I'm a Braves guy... so I played along, but said I didn't want the prize.
What would I do with cards of White Sox players? Except mail them back to Steve.

I didn't think too much about it until the day before Christmas. A package arrived from Oak Lawn Illinois. Previously, I had sent him some oddball Fisk cards, and some '91 Donruss he needed to finish his set. Maybe this is in return?
No. It can't be. What am I gonna do with White Sox? After unwrapping, the top card is...
Perfect. I'll add him to the 6000 count box of my other 1991 Upper Deck in the bottom of a closet somewhere...
Flip over the small package and I see....
Well, I may as well open it up so I can see what I'll be trying to unload on some other White Sox fan.... next card....
Steve obviously has a sick sense of humour. Rub it in why don't you?!?! This is the cow we got for our bag of magic beans...

Wrong Chicago team Steve... wait... that's Maddux! Alright!
Klesko!!! Sweeeeet!

Jeff Blauser! Awyeah baby!
Steve was messing with me... and I fell for it... also included were;
91 Clasic Steve Avery Red
91 Classic Dave Justice Red
91 Classic Dave Justice Blue
91 Classic Ron Gant Blue
91 Classic John Smoltz Red
91 Classic Paul Marak Red
90 Classic Steve Avery Pink
90 Classic Oddibe McDowell Yellow
90 Bowman Mark Lemke
89 Score Albert Hall
84 Topps Pascual Perez
84 Topps Terry Forster
85 Topps Bob Watson
and seven cards from my 1990 Donruss wantlist...

Thanks Steve!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So after calling umpteen tech service places... I find out that it will cost me anywhere from $150 to $300 to fix my computer. And no one will guarantee success. Awesome.
Nothing like getting raped over the holidays.
So here's my solution. I went to a local parts store and bought a 1 Terrabyte hard drive on sale for $99. I'm going to pull out the old one, put in the new one and re-install windows. Once that is up and running, I'll reconnect the old one and scan my important files using another new virus scanner. Then I'll nuke the old one completely.
I'll then reconnect the old one and load windows on it. I'll never use it, except for backups of important things.
If this ever happens again, I'll have a backup hard drive and my downtime will be an hour or so.

Take that techie rapesters!!!

(ye gods, I hope this works...)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stricken down in the prime of life...

No, not me. My computer. As near as I can tell, Firefox and Windows Updates have collided like matter-anti matter and my computer is no more.
It fires up, gets to the startup screen, then crashes and fires up again. Repeatedly. It all happened while it was automatically downloading updates for windows.
Until I figure out how to fix it... no posts for a little while.

Any techies out there???

Monday, December 15, 2008

A man among boys...

Some of you may have missed the awesome that is DeMarcus Ware last night. Final Score Dallas 20 Giants 8
6 1/2 tackles, 4 for a loss, 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles.

That gives DeMarcus 19 sacks on the year, just 3 short of the record set by Michael Strahan with two games to go.

It's great to see the Cowboys start to heat up on defense at the right time of year. The fact that it was against the Giants was just a wonderful bonus.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Organization... step 1

As a lot of you know... I tend to whine a lot about my lack of organization. I think it's because I get distracted by shiny things. (damn refractors)
As I sort and catalog my cards, for the umpteenth time, I decided to update my wantlists as well.
This also will entail an update of my online wantlist section. Just click on the link to the right, and it will take you to an all new page, with sortable headers on the side.

A big thanks to all who look, and send, cards I need to complete my sets. I am rather compulsive about that. It's one of the best parts of blogging, being able to trade with others.... the only thing that feels better than completing a set, is being able to help someone else.

For those that are interested... I'll be updating the wantlist section all weekend...
(with three feet of snow on the ground, and -37 with wind chill, what else am I going to do?)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Gregor!

A Happy 25th Birthday to Gregor Blanco. Gregor beat out Josh Anderson in spring training last season to win the 4th outfielder job last season. His playing time increased with the Mark Kotsay injury and subsequent trade to Boston.
Gregor is helpful in other areas as well. I have the Copper refractor of him as well as the red Opening Day version.... but cannot find them. Gregor has taught me I need to be better organized..
Gregor the Chrome has taught me that my scanning bed needs cleaning.

See how helpful Gregor can be?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cardboard Addiction, adieux mon ami...

dayf from Cardboard Junkie first raised the alarm; "Where's Cardboard Addiction?"
I just talked to Joe last night... wtf? Quickly, I sent over an email. Joe responded a few moments ago.
First, everyone is a-okay. Joe had a revelation this morning. He needs to spend his time, and money, on his young family. Collecting, and blogging, are taking too much away from his quality time. So no long winded good-byes... in his words; "he needed to rip the band-aid off quickly."

I'll miss your thoughts and insights bud. But especially your music. So in tribute, I leave you all with this. Maybe not what Joe would've picked... but with his eclectic "guilty pleasures"... who knows? Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cardboard Addiction

About a month ago I was doing a little late night perusing of my favourite blogs, when I came upon a post entitled Musical Cards. The blog was Cardboard Addiction. I love music, I love cards. Perfect!
And there was a contest! Listen to the music and identify the "artists"... win a card! Awesome.

This arrived in the mail today. Thanks Joe! I've been trying to get this card off of ebay for awhile now....

If you haven't read his blog... what are you waiting for?

I still can't believe I knew who those guys were...

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Happy Birthday to Brandon Jones! Brandon is one of the Braves top prospects, and has a chance to make the big club this season.

With the upcoming trade of Frenchy for a bag of balls and a case of chew... Brandon even has a chance to start.
Sweet Jesus.

Anyways... Happy birthday bud.

This just in..... Frank Wren has traded Brandon and Tommy Hanson to the Indians for Kenny Lofton ...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Repack cont....

Retail version of my previous post...

BTW, I might rant about this for a few days... I recently had to switch from Explorer 8.0 to Firefox. I HATE FIREFOX!!!! Why do they have to make everything more difficult. Posting on this blog is 10 times harder... I can't even move the pic of good ole Omar down below where he belongs. I hate Firefox.

On with the rip...

Slamming Sammy
The Kid
Carlos Beltran
Wade Miller
Matt Williams
Jermaine Dye

No difference between this one and the hobby pack, except for this...
a cardboard thingy insert that's thick like a jersey card would be. Nothing like this in the hobby pack.

Repack madness...

I love Christmas. It is my favourite time of year. And this year is extra special. Our local Wally World has actually brought in blasters of other things besides hockey. Repack Crap! Well, it might've been called something different. 8 packs for $15. Sold! Upon opening the package... I find 4 packs of 2003 Fleer Focus Jersey Edition. 2 Hobby. 2 retail. *sigh* Oh well... let's see what the difference is.
First, one pack of hobby:

Jim Thome
Joe Borchard
A Rod
Miguel Tejada
why did they leave so much blank space on the backs????
Mark Mulder
Shawn Green
Armando Benitez

the borders etc on the fronts are okay... but the hokey blurry neon backgrounds around the players annoy me.
I see why there were 4 packs of this stuff....
I'll post a retail later tonight after dinner....

Saturday, December 6, 2008

More Sticker Heaven..

Okay. So last night I promised you more stickers from the '81 Fleer Baseball set. After doing a little research, I discovered that there are actually 128 cards in the set, not 125. There are three unnumbered checklists as well.

1 Steve Garvey
2 Ron LeFlore
3 Ron Cey
4 Dave Revering
5 Tony Armas
6 Mike Norris
7 Steve Kemp
8 Bruce Bochte
9 Mike Schmidt
10 Scott McGregor
11 Buddy Bell
12 Carney Lansford
13 Carl Yastrzemski
14 Ben Oglivie
15 Willie Stargell
16 Cecil Cooper
17 Gene Richards
18 Jim Kern
19 Jerry Koosman
20 Larry Bowa
21 Kent Tekulve
22 Dan Driessen
23 Phil Niekro
24 Dan Quisenberry
25 Dave Winfield
26 Dave Parker
27 Rick Langford
28 Amos Otis
29 Bill Buckner
30 Al Bumbry
31 Bake McBride
32 Mickey Rivers
33 Rick Burleson
34 Dennis Eckersley
35 Cesar Cedeno
36 Enos Cabell
37 Johnny Bench
38 Robin Yount
39 Mark Belanger
40 Rod Carew
41 George Foster
42 Lee Mazzilli
43 Mike Schmidt
Pete Rose
Larry Bowa
44 J.R. Richard
45 Lou Piniella
46 Ken Landreaux
47 Rollie Fingers
48 Joaquin Andujar
49 Tom Seaver
50 Bobby Grich
51 Jon Matlack
52 Jack Clark
53 Jim Rice
54 Rickey Henderson
55 Roy Smalley
56 Mike Flanagan
57 Steve Rogers
58 Carlton Fisk
59 Don Sutton
60 Ken Griffey
61 Burt Hooton
62 Dusty Baker
63 Vida Blue
64 Al Oliver
65 Jim Bibby
66 Tony Perez
67 Davey Lopes
68 Bill Russell
69 Larry Parrish
70 Garry Maddox
71 Phil Garner
72 Graig Nettles
73 Gary Carter
74 Pete Rose
75 Greg Luzinski
76 Ron Guidry
77 Gorman Thomas
78 Jose Cruz
79 Bob Boone
80 Bruce Sutter
81 Chris Chambliss
82 Paul Molitor
83 Tug McGraw
84 Fergie Jenkins
85 Steve Carlton
86 Miguel Dilone
87 Reggie Smith
88 Rick Cerone
89 Alan Trammell
90 Doug DeCinces
91 Sparky Lyle
92 Warren Cromartie
93 Rick Reuschel
94 Larry Hisle
95 Paul Splittorff
96 Manny Trillo
97 Frank White
98 Fred Lynn
99 Bob Horner
100 Omar Moreno
101 Dave Concepcion
102 Larry Gura
103 Ken Singleton
104 Steve Stone
105 Richie Zisk
106 Willie Wilson
107 Willie Randolph
108 Nolan Ryan
109 Joe Morgan
110 Bucky Dent
111 Dave Kingman
112 John Castino
113 Joe Rudi
114 Ed Farmer
115 Reggie Jackson
116 George Brett
117 Ed Murray
118 Goose Gossage
119 Dale Murphy
120 Ted Simmons
121 Tommy John
122 Don Baylor
123 Andre Dawson
124 Jim Palmer
125 Garry Templeton
n/a Reggie Jackson - Checklist 1-42
n/a George Brett - Checklist 43-83
n/a Mike Schmidt - Checklist 84-125

Here's the box. .25 a pack. Nice. But if you think Pete and the Reggie are awesome.... check out the side panel....

if you order Fleer baseball as well... you get two free packs! $0.60 extra profit!!! Sweeeeeet!
Wow. Cards have changed, haven't they?
On with the stickers...
George Brett, the checklist... and a major gum stain...
KNUCKSIE!!!!!!!!!! AWWRIGHTTT!!!!!!!!

Nolan Nolan Nolan.... keep those strikeouts rolling.... RAWHIDE!

Gary Carter

Bruce Sutter. One of, if not the best reliever of all time. Pictured with a bat. Awesome.

Carlton. Red variety. (sorry Steve)

Triple Threats.
Schmidt, Rose, Bowa

I love these so far.... one of my better purchases for sure. And to think... I could've bought four of these boxes for the price of a blaster. Sometimes, I gotta re-evaluate my priorities and not get distracted by shiny things...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sticker extravaganza!

I couldn't help myself.... these just fell into my possesion. (Okay. with a little late night sniping on the 'bay...)
1981 Fleer Baseball Stickers! and Gum! 27 1/2 year old gum... I'm not gonna even scan it. But I will save it and send it to dayf. he likes that kind of thing.
First sticker...
Jack Clark - Giants, rockin' the old school jersey...
Eddie Murray -Orioles, love the 'fro...

Steve Garvey - Dodgers

Dave Concepcion - Reds

Joe Morgan - Astros (Part 2)
the best part of these stickers? Full career stats on the back!

I've got 36 packs of these babies! That's right... a full box... I'll post the box scans tomorrow... and another pack or two.