Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cardboard Addiction, adieux mon ami...

dayf from Cardboard Junkie first raised the alarm; "Where's Cardboard Addiction?"
I just talked to Joe last night... wtf? Quickly, I sent over an email. Joe responded a few moments ago.
First, everyone is a-okay. Joe had a revelation this morning. He needs to spend his time, and money, on his young family. Collecting, and blogging, are taking too much away from his quality time. So no long winded good-byes... in his words; "he needed to rip the band-aid off quickly."

I'll miss your thoughts and insights bud. But especially your music. So in tribute, I leave you all with this. Maybe not what Joe would've picked... but with his eclectic "guilty pleasures"... who knows? Enjoy.

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