Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I guess I have to do it...

I hadn't planned on it, but due to a couple of requests, the fourth annual Just A Bit Offside Fantasy Hockey League is back on.
 Due to a blatant rules violation by two other teams, my team was knocked down to third last season. I look to rectify that this year.
If you are interested in joining up, please leave a comment here. No experience necessary.
Email invites have been sent to those that were in last year.

And why yes ladies, during the draft I will be wearing one of these......
It's on!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Free stuff!

Awhile ago, (okay, a long time ago) David at First and Goal held a contest. I wanted to enter. This isn't rocket science is it? Well, it gets a little odd after that. You see, David is one of those new fangled techies who is on facebook and twitter etc... etc... I am not. I'll leave tweeting up to all the 14 year old girls who NEED to know where everyone is at all times and what they're doing. I could not care any less.

Stay with me...

Now the contest Dave was running required you to do something on twitter or myspace or something, I can't remember. I, being twitless, could not do the required task. So I just left a comment saying Good Luck with the contest.

Fast forward a month. A package arrives at my door with contest winnings from First and Goal. What??? I have no idea how I won, but I've never refused hobby generousity before.
I got me some loot. That wee little baseball set has Hank Aaron in it. Enough said. That is the second Emmit Smith tin I've got from David. This one was full of Tony Romo and Jason Witten cards, along with a few other Cowboys. And then 3/4 of a retail box of 08/09 UD Victory. Sweet. Packs to open are never a bad thing.

Thanks for the loot David!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Advertisement of the day.....

not much else needs saying really.....

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tribecards on a Braves blog.......

One of the first few bloggers I ever "traded" with when I started this humble blog three years ago, was David from Indians Baseball Cards. Or Tribecards for his friends. You can call it Tribecards. Even people David hasn't met yet he considers friends. That's just the way he is.
I put the word "traded" in quotation marks earlier because back then there was very little if any trading going on. It was all more accurately described as "giving". If you saw something you liked, or needed it, someone would end up giving it to you. If you wanted to send something back, you did. You could call that trading I suppose, but it's different to me.

About a week ago I found a bubble envelope in my mailbox from the great state of Arkansas. That can only mean one thing.....
 Free wax packs!!! Well, free packs anyways... David doesn't use wax to seal his packs. He uses three rolls of tape. Per pack. I'm not kidding.
After freeing the cards from their protective cocoon, I sat and read them for an hour. David always includes a wide variety of cards in his packs, some of which I haven't seen before.
I'll just show a small sampling here, as most of the cards are already in binders, filling in holes in my team sets.

Some of you may not get past the first card. For it is Glorious.
 I can still hear Skip Caray screaming at the top of his lungs... "BRAVES WIN!!!! BRAVES WIN!!!!! BRAVES WIN!!!! BRAVES WIN!!!!!"  Damn I miss him.

Ladies, may I present Mr Ron Gant.
 Line forms at the left....

and of course, Terry Pendleton.
 Terry doesn't look overweight here.... I've never seen Terry not look overweight....

along with the old, I got some new as well....
 Tommy Hanson, and...
 ...Jason Heyward Ginter style.
 Tommy is sad someone took his hat......
 and finally for this showing.... Chipper and Smoltzie on some super embossed Upper Deck set that was cool but everyone has forgotten about.
Thanks David!!! If you want to get in the madness.... visit Indians Baseball Cards.... tell 'em I sent you. The magic password is "Tiger Blood"

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


If you were with me on my last post on my other blog, Just A Bit Offside, then you know I found a card shop that has Quarter Boxes! If you didn't read it, what's wrong with you???
Anyways... of course I scrounged through and absconded with almost all of the Braves from it. I'm told hockey and football quarter boxes are being made as well. Sweet.
But for now, bask in the glorious that is .25 cent Braves. Plus I have a rainbow to show off at the end. Not a My Little Pony Rainbow Bright anything... that's on the other Braves blog. He was first, and is still the best. Despite his latest obsession with ponies.

On with the cards!!!
 2007 Finest Chipper!
 2007 Finest Francoeur refractor....
 2007 SP Authentic Francoeur
 2007 SP Rookie Edition Saltalamacchia... which I already had at home. Oops.
 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Bob Horner /575
 2007 Elements Chipper!
 2007 Elements See through Chipper!.... which I already had at home. Oops.
 2005 Donruss Champions Niekro... I really hate these two cards... but they were a Niekro and Murphy for .25 cents that I didn't already have.
 see above comment. Dale doesn't like them either. He's running away.
 2006 Flair Showcase Chipper! I miss Flair... and Fleer.
 2006 Bowman Prospect of current Brave Diory Hernandez. If young Diory can't wrestle playing time away from Alex Gonzalez, I'm afraid his career may be over soon.
 2009 Sweet Spot BMac! which I already had at home.... Oops.
 2009 Sweet Spot Nate McLouth. Which I already had. Oops.
 2009 Sweet Spot Javier Vazquez. Which I already had. Oops.
 2009 Sweet Spot Chipper!!!! And I needed him!!!! Yes!!! It's a good thing too..... because I ended up buying two of him.

2007 Topps Warren Spahn. I knew I had this already, but I wanted another copy.

 2006 Finest John Smoltz. Shiny!!!

 2006 Finest Chipper. More Shiny!
 and finally a Chuck James 2006 Finest Rookie Auto. I was pretty sure I had this already... and I did. But in slightly different form.

It is hidden behind a slab.
 but it has friends! The Refractor version....
 the X-Fractor version....
 and of course the Black X-Fractor version.
Quarter boxes!!! Thanks for looking. I can't wait to pillage the football and hockey ones. And I meant what I said about my other blog. Read it. I'll know if you don't.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Feeding the habit...

Robert, from the fairly new blog, $30 a week habit approached me via the email about a swap. He had a swack of short prints from 2003 Topps Heritage. Music to my ears.... I've been working on this damn set since 2007.
I decided to make Fernando Tatis the lead image, in hommage to his sideburns. Awesome. I might try these and see if the wife let's me get away with it.
 all of these beauties are dreaded SP's.
 as are these.... I told you he had a swack of 'em..
 the Pat Burrel is a variant SP... check out the old logo
 Robert also threw in a psychadelic Chipper
 and a Carey Price card, just to be random.
Thanks for the swap Robert!!!

If anyone else can help me with this set, or any other.... check out my lists and hit me up. WANTLISTS

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tragedy in Russia....

I'm not going to write it out twice.... if you haven't heard, just go HERE ...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

As promised.... Vintage Junkie

As we bring the massive trade post of the Collective Troll and the Cardboard Junkie to a close.... keeping in mind there is still a huge stack of cards from them that I did not scan... I can't help but think of how generous fellow bloggers are. Not only did I receive these great cards from close friends I've never met, but I got four more trade packages in the mail today, as well as winning a contest at Mint Condition. I'm not going to start tearing up here or anything... but you guys and gals are the best. It's no wonder why I just sent out six packages today. I have to try and keep up...

On with the post.. you know the drill by now, and if you don't, scroll down and read some of these posts from earlier. We'll wait.

1964 Braves team card. The last team card of the Milwaukee Braves... there you can see the little person in the tux on the left again...... wait a minute. If this is the '64 Braves team card.... where's that '63 that Troll sent me?
Lucy, looks like you got 'splainin' to do....
 it's the exact same freaking picture in back to back years. On a TEAM card. Apparently Topps learned their laziness over 50 years ago....

whatever.... here we have a '61 Felix Mantilla.
 Felix hit 18 homers for the Braves in six years. He went to the Red Sox and hit 54 homers in three years. Size matters folks. At least stadium size anyways....
Need 'em!!!!

a 1960 Chuck Dressen card... I talked about Chuck a couple of posts ago...
 Got 'em.

A 1959 Lou Burdette error card!!! Lou is not left handed!!!
 We all know by now fun loving Lou was messing with the photographer. That trickster.
Need 'em!!!

My first '57 Topps Brave!
 Andy Pafko. Andy is probably more famous for being card #1 in the 1952 Topps set than for anything he did on the playing field. Oh, and that Bruce Willis movie.
Need 'em!!!

Ohhh... it's getting good people.
A 1951 Bowman Bob Elliott.
 Bob had a pretty darn good 15 year career in the bigs including 6 All Star teams and being voted the 1947 MVP. Bob's best years were the 5 seasons with the Braves in Boston from 1947 to 1951.
Bob's nickname was "Mr Team"
He passed away in 1966 at the age of 49.

Now for the Grand Poo-Bah. This is one sweet card.... Behold the Awesome that is Eddie Matthews.
Words escape me.

Thank you for the package dayf.