Friday, April 29, 2011

Mr Smith goes to...... Dallas!

 As most of you know, the 2011 NFL draft began last night with the 1st round in primetime.
A few surprises took place, but with the Cowboys, they did nothing stupid. They didn't trade up or down, just stood pat and drafted the best and meanest Offensive Lineman in the draft. Meet Tyron Smith from USC.

Tyron is a wee undersized for the Cowboys line at 6'6" and 315 pounds. But I'm sure the training staff will have another 20 lbs of muscle on him by Week One.
Mr Smith, meet Mr Romo. He is the reason you exist.
 Mr Smith, no one... no one, may touch Mr Romo. Got it?
 Good boy... now the buffet...
 ... and the weight room are to your left. Help yourself, See you in three months.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tommy Hanson....

Tommy Hanson once threw a no-hitter... with a bowling ball.
Tommy Hanson can win a game of Connect Four in three moves.

Behind tommy Hanson's beard is not a chin, but a 102 mph fastball.

Tommy Hanson is the reason Waldo is in hiding...

there once was a street named Tommy Hanson, but they had to change the name. No one survives after crossing Tommy Hanson.

And for the ladies....

Edward can't read Bella's mind because Bella is always thinking about Tommy Hanson.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's been officially decided... and the winner is....

the voting is over. You the people have spoken. Although to be honest, some of you need professional help.
Our friend Night Owl needed a new Dodger Girl. And with the results of your voting, one has been chosen.

In third place, Audrina Patridge.
 In second place, Shawn Johnson, seen here with her cousin. Apparently that side got all the height.
 And the winner is........ Lauren Conrad. Although Owl himself may have influenced the voting early on. But it's his babe, not mine... so we'll let it slide.
Congrats Lauren There are no prizes, although if you contact Owl through his blog, I'm sure he'll buy you lunch to celebrate. I hope you like tacos.

Now for those of you still with me... I need to talk about the 8 of you that chose Kim Kardashian. This was a serious poll to help out a friend, and joke voting nearly threw the results out of whack.
And if you seriously voted for her.... seek help immediately. I can put you in touch with a counsellor if need be. You're sick. Sick and in need of help.

Friday, April 22, 2011

One card kindness....

I was at this month's trade night at the old card shop the other night. And while these nights are always dominated with hockey, there are 2 or 3 of us that dabble in the lesser sports. While I was at one end of the store, apparently there was some busting going on at the other end. Well wouldn't you know that my friend Jamie walks over and hands me this beauty...
Tony and Dez delight! /50. Free. Gratis. I miss football already. When is training camp?

Monday, April 18, 2011

My friend, Mr Night Owl, is in trouble. Please help.

For those of you who read Night Owl's blog, and I think you all do... you know by now that he is in crisis. He is facing reality that he must take down the picture off of his blog of his beloved Alyssa Milano. Now me, I'm not that into her. But I ain't into the Dodgers either.
However none of that matters as Owl is my friend, and he needs help.
 This is where we come in. I'll have a poll up on the sidebar to help Owl choose his new Dodger Girl. And you, the voters, will help decide.
Here are the potential candidates, in alphabetical order, so no favouritism.

Audrina Partridge, wearing number 59. Who wears 59 for the Dodgers? No idea. Ask the Owl.
 I think Joe has cast his vote.
 Kim Kardashian wearing number 25. Please god, no one choose her.... maybe for the Mets...
 a benefit for Kim is you not only get her, but her whole family as well. Take that as a plus, or a minus.
 Lauren Conrad wearing number 7. Very cute.  Leader of the pack so far....
 Shawn Johnson wearing number 10. Now this one I know. Night Owl's favourite player wore number 10.
and it's Shawn Johnson. We all know what she can do. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge...
 Victoria Beckham in a '70's warm up jacket. Very retro. And she's married to an athlete far more skilled than any baseball player. Owl may not want to hear that. So she may not do to well in the vote. But it is up to you!
 Whitney Port wearing the old 00. Nice.
 If it matters, her first pitch was actually a darn good throw. All of the others, not so much. So she gets the athletes vote.
There you have your finalists for Night Owl's new Dodger Girl. Google them if you must for further, uh.... research material. It's all in the name of science. And helping a friend.


Now vote!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Look! A Contest!!!

It's playoff time peeps, and that means it's time for the third annual Waxaholic NHL Playoff contest.
only it's not here, it's going to be over at Just A Bit Offside this year. So go there. Now. Don't worry, Meagan will still be here when you get back. Go!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

from out of the Blue, some Orange!

now that blogger is working and I can actually post images again, we'll try this posting thing again.
One of the things that really sucks about the horrible crap that Topps is putting out baseball wise is that I haven't bought much of any baseball cards in over a year. And what really sucks is that means a massive cutdown on trades. I trade a lot of hockey, but most of you are baseball only.

But a few days ago, I got a package from an address I remembered. Inside were about 25-30 Braves, including Mr Hanson Orange border refractor
 A Yunel orange refractor (one of the worst trades we've made btw)
 Brandon Hicks RC super xfractor thingie
 and one of our CF by comittee members, also a superXfractor thingie.
there was no note or anything, but I knew the address to be of Marie from A Cardboard Problem. Apparently these Braves were just gathering dust on one of her shelves.
Thanks Marie! I love this hobby! Troll out!

oh.... wait... wrong blog....