Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Puts a smile on my face every time....

EDIT: well, the fun police ended that almost as it began. Not sure why.... I've seen commercials on tv worse than that...

A special thank you to Third String Goalie for really brightening up my day.

Let's see Panini make a "Net Cam" out of that!

Alright... so we'll go the GIF route. Not quite as good, but you'll get the drift....

She's a keeper!

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Play at the Plate gets Ripped...

My good friend who runs the blog Play at the Plate sent me some cards the other day. I believe this was in response to me sending him some before that.
We kinda "trade" cards, but really, at least for me, it's just sending cards whenever I get a small stack ready to go.
He also has the advantage of being the only Rangers fan I've ever heard of, let alone know.
Onto the cards!
My boy J Hey from this year's Ginter. The back, of course, has been violated. but I don't care. It actually is still attached, and he looks good in my binder.

There was also a small stack of super shiny Chippers from the late '90's.... They all look a lot better in person, but I scanned a couple of my favourites anyway.

 This Chipper is made out of really thin steel. And is sharp as hell. I can't imagine kids opening packs of these without losing some digits.

A see through Chipper! Only you can't tell in the scan.... ah well, believe me, it's cool.

And no package between us is complete without at least one McCann. I'm going to miss this guy. Although I won't recognize him either. Never seen him without facial hair.
Thanks bud. But one last question, with the ridiculousness of the latest idiot offerings from MLB, does Play at the Plate now have to change it's name???