Monday, February 24, 2014

ugh. Twitter. Seriously?

I have a very strong dislike for "social media"... You name it, I avoid it. Yeah, I blog, I know. But I'm more referring to the "instant" kind. You know what I'm talking about...
Anyways... I've been informed that I need to become "familiar" with social media. Apparently, it's all the rage with the kids nowadays.
So yeah... I guess I'm a twit now. Is that the term? Whatever... it doesn't matter. So if you care to partake in my experiment of becoming hip, follow along.
She wants you to. Really.
send me a message that you're a twit too and I'll save it. Or bookmark. Or follow, or whatever the hell it is I'm supposed to do.

Find me as Mr_Wackypants

Changes and Updates...

Just made a slight change to my avatar.

Gotta keep up with the times ya know.

Let me know your thoughts.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Am I Crazy? Wait... Don't answer that.... - Adam LaRoche edition

I received an email from someone I've been trading with for a looooong time. He asked me since when did I collect Adam LaRoche cards?
Only since 2007 I replied. He had no idea. I suppose that's my fault. I don't go around trumpeting or renting out a skywriter.
But just in case anyone else who reads my drivel didn't know that.... Yes. I want ALL the Adam LaRoche cards.
Of course Topps found out and decided to have some fun with me.
I call it Parallel Hell.
Walk down the path with me, won't you?
2013 Base card. Nice. Simple.
 the Base Mini... okay. Sure...
 The ubiquitous Gold
and of course the gold mini...
and the Not found in packs, blue sparkle wrapper redemption....

Wal Mart demands they have an exclusive parallel...

and so does the U.S. Army apparently

the Aqua Man seaweed version...

 uh... Gay Pride Parade version?

Toys R Us wanted to get in on the act

and of course so did Target...

Topps also put out an African American parallel

the sad part is.... even with all of those, I still don't have them all!!! I know there is a Pink mini, a Grey/Graphite version, as well as an Orange factory set only parallel.... among others I'm sure.
Just when your head is spinning, Chrome comes out...
with their pretty Refractors...
and X-Fractors. (don't give them any ideas or they'll make the other 25 letters as well)

a 1800's Sepia parallel...

a Burgundy (NOT red!)

of course the NAACP is represented again...

a light blue that doesn't look blue version

one of my favourites... Orange!

and Grimace gets his own as well...

 along with Gold, Camo, Pink, yadda yadda yadda.....

my head hurts now... and I'm sure most of you are now asleep dreaming of rainbows. (except you, Mr Putin)

So if any of you didn't know, now you do. And if you have ANY Adam LaRoche cards, please drop me an email so we can swap.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

My first PWE! and a few overdue thanks...

Living in the North has it's advantages. I personally like it. However, it has it's disadvantages as well. Particularly within our little hobby.
Trying to buy one card on ebay and having to pay between $13.50 and $33 shipping. For ONE CARD! Needless to say, I haven't bought off of ebay for almost a year now.
Mail delivery. Due to the problems with potential Polar Bear extinction, all package delivery has been moved to the sled dogs who used to do just lettermail. The extra weight has slowed them down considerably.
However, I just received my first PWE from the "Lower 48 PWE Explosion."
It came from Steve at The Card Chop. He managed to stuff five vintage Braves in the envelope.
1956 Topps Bob Buhl. I tried to recreate that throwing motion in my bonus room the other day. I knocked over a lamp and popped out my knee. Kids. Don't try this at home.

Sticking with Mr Buhl, we find his 1961 Topps card. What the hell is he looking at? Couldn't the photographer at least try to get his attention?

a 1967 Denis Menke -  I think Steve's Chihuahua got a hold of one of the corners on this baby...

there were also two 1955 Topps, but blogger ate the scans... who knows what blog they popped out on. Keep an eye out for them, would you?

A couple of other bloggers also braves the Northern Polar Express mail route...

Night Owl needed some light reading, so he took a peek at my wantlists and found two cards that I needed.

Of course, one of them HAD to be a mini......

and the other one came with a wee note.

Hall of Famers? Where? This is a fantastic Tony Cloninger card...

I have no idea what Owl is talking about....

And all the way from Texas, Mr Play at the Plate sent me a Brave on TV.

and a very shiny Chipper... (along with a couple of others not seen here)

and a really cool metal John Smoltz! This thing is very thin, very heavy, and very sharp.

I could shave with this thing.

This PWE thing might catch on around here.... at least, I hope so.

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anyone really good at using Microsoft Excel???

I have a workbook that has around 3100 lines in it. (3 columns)

I need to be able to delete multiple lines at once. (they aren't blank...)

How do I select multiple lines at once in order to delete them? And no, they aren't consecutive.

For example... I need to delete lines 3,5,9,12,19,31,40,49,50,55,71,99,103,107........ blah blah.

Anyone have an idea?

Ginter Goodness...

I'll get through this comc package if it kills me. And it just might.

Today we'll show off a whack o' Ginter. Nothing but the hits baby!

I did quite well here... selling off old 2008 Ginter hits of random no names and acquiring 2013 Ginter hits of much wanted Bravos.

Allen&Ginter  had two separate types of relics, full size, and bordered min relics.

Here are the full size. They look sharp. Well done.

Brandon Beachy - $1.08

Craig Kimbrel - $1.24  best reliever in baseball, and the cornerstone of my fantasy baseball team the last three years.

The J-Hey kid... $1.46

and the good Upton. (No, not Kate....) $1.24

I only need the Hank Aaron full sized relic and my set is complete.....

Bordered minis...

Brian McCann - $1.31  I'll miss him. Although I'll see him on tv four times a week now instead of four times a season..... Next on FOX! Yankees vs. Red Sox!

Jason... again.... $1.47  couldn't we have mixed up the player selection a bit? I already have a Kimbrel mini as well... seriously Topps...

oh, and a random Mike Joy for my dad. He got a kick out of it. $2.23

I'm really glad to have been able to pick these up... now I just have to find someone with the full sized Aaron relic....

Yeah... good luck.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

vintage week - Day 7 Pops and Hammerin'

wrapping up vintage week a couple of days late. But we'll end up with a beauty.

I have no idea why everyone is in such a hurry to buy the latest 2014 Topps inserts and parallels for outrageously high prices when you can buy cards like this for $0.81 cents!!!

ah well... kids these days.

my '72 team set is coming along nicely... I believe I only need one low number (Sal Bando!)
while still chasing those effing high numbers.
Thankfully the only big name needed left is Phil Niekro. Unless you count Dusty Baker?

my needs
#348, 451, 540, 591, 601, 620, 641, 675, 740, 758, 764, 787

Monday, February 10, 2014

vintage week... Day 6, International League Stud

vintage week carries over because I don't have time to post on weekends!
today's gem is a 1965 Topps Mack Jones. No word on whether his nickname was "Knife" or not...

Mack was such a badass that he didn't bother with stuffing his back pockets with batting gloves... he put his fielding glove in there.

in 1964 Mack led the International league in homers, (42) RBI's, (113) and was third in batting average, (.317)

not too shabby.

still needed for my '65 Topps Braves set...

#170, 200, 287, 305, 383, 426, 461, 476, 487, 500, 520, 542, 567, 585

Friday, February 7, 2014

vintage week... Day 5 ZZzzzz edition

today's card is another '61 Topps. Thankfully it's the last '61 for awhile. No offence to Don McMahon, but this is about the most boring baseball card ever.

Even Don himself seems unimpressed.

The only saving grace to it is the trees / forest in the background. You won't see that around any ballparks or training facilities anymore.

Any other nominations for the most boring baseball card ever? And no, you can't nominate the entire 2014 Topps set.

If I get enough, maybe we'll have a vote off or something. I should be able to find the images easily enough if I don't already own the card.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

vintage week... Day 4. Papa Roach

moving right along, here is the card I had planned to show yesterday.
a 1961 Topps Mel Roach

and before you go running to, Mel was born in 1933. So he's 27 in this pic.


No kidding.

That is IF Topps used a current photo of him. And we know how Topps LOVES to use old photos.

So he may be even younger.


1961 is one of my least favourite sets of the vintage era. I think it and the 1966 set are by far the worst.
I still love them.
But they u-g-l-y.

What's your ugly set?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

vintage week... Day 3. Birthday edition...

vintage week continues from my check out my cards swap/purchase. Only today we are calling an audible.
I'm showing off the card originally scheduled for Day 6 today (Day 3) because, well because it's Hank Aaron's 80th birthday.
1970 All Star #462  $0.63


Happy birthday big fella!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

it's vintage week... Day 2

day 2 of vintage week brings us yet another 1959 Topps. Only this one be green.
I have 26 different '59 Topps Braves, and this is only my third green one. I have fifteen yellow, one pink (shown yesterday), three light blue, two dark blue, and two All Star cards.
Mel here set me back $0.96

According to the cartoon on the back, Mel attends the University of Virginia in the offseason.

I wonder why Mel looks so wistful in the pic? What is he thinking?

Regardless, it's a lot better looking card than tomorrow's.....

still needed for 1959 Topps,
#'s 40, 212, 380, 450, 467, 551, 561, 565, 567, 571

Monday, February 3, 2014

it's vintage week... Day 1

continuing on with my Check Out My Cards order, (I have to or I'll never get these cards put away into their binders and then they'll get lost and then I'll end up buying them again swearing the whole time because I'm sure I already have these but they're not in their binders and I never posted about them so where the hell are they anyways? Arrrgh.)
Now that I finally have electricity again, I'll put up a series of quickie posts featuring the vintage.
The vintage.
1959 Topps Carl Willey.

and it's pink.

my 1959 Topps needs... #'s 40, 212, 380, 450, 467, 551, 561, 565, 567, 571
...some heavy hitters in that bunch. day...