Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Anyone really good at using Microsoft Excel???

I have a workbook that has around 3100 lines in it. (3 columns)

I need to be able to delete multiple lines at once. (they aren't blank...)

How do I select multiple lines at once in order to delete them? And no, they aren't consecutive.

For example... I need to delete lines 3,5,9,12,19,31,40,49,50,55,71,99,103,107........ blah blah.

Anyone have an idea?


Anonymous said...

Use the control key. Then right-click and delete.

Practice on a dummy spreadsheet first, to satisfy your "does it really work?" curiosity.

If you can sort them to get these lines together, that's even better. You can use the shift key to get inclusive. Play with that, too, because there is only one inclusion area.

Wilson said...

If you're deleting lines with certain criteria (e.g., you want to delete all the lines where Column C says "wax"), you can use a filter to only display those lines, then highlight and delete them all.

Above all, make a backup copy of the file first! :)

JediJeff said...

format c: