Monday, October 31, 2011

Cause and Effect ..... Yankee Edition.

The average price of the breakfast buffet in Las Vegas increased yesterday to $32.
Today, CC Sabathia signs a contract with the yankees for 5 years and 122 million.
CC Sabathia seen here with Yankee fan, Miley Cyrus outside the locker room.

when there's something strange, in your neighbourhood...

As we all know, today is Halloween. For today's post, I was saving a pack of Ghostbusters 2 to break on the old blog. As I was saving the scans, I had troubles because my computer was telling me they already exist. Hmmm....
There they were in my image folder alright. I guess I scanned them already. Turns out I posted them already too.
In June.
Of 2009.
Getting old sucks kids.

So if you want to see more of the Ghostbusters gang.... click HERE. Then come back.
So in a last minute scramble I found these..... boxtoppers from the Vampirella Gallery set. They are oversized, about 3"x5". There are six in total, of which I did have all six at one time. I think. But I could only find two.
#'s 5 and 6 of 6. So if any of you has the other 4, let me know.
and a video, just because I can. Have a happy and safe halloween everyone.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Delayed Trade Night posting...

I'm only three weeks late in posting this. Which means.... I'm catching up!

I managed to acquire two Braves 'hits' at this trade night. The first is an Alvin Dark auto on a Topps Heritage card.
 The second piece is this Hank Aaron card. It says "Game Used Memorabilia".
 But what does that mean?
You have received a Topps Memorabilia Card. The relic on this card is not from any specific game, event or season.

What the hell does that mean?????? Does it have anything to do with Hank Aaron even??? This could be a floorboard from the dugout from Three Rivers Stadium for all I know.

Does anyone know what Topps has said about these? Anything?

I had to give up a DeSean Jackson '08 Masterpieces auto, a Carlos Ruiz sticker auto from Moments and Milestones, and an '09  Ginter Chase Utley grey jersey.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The 2010 World Cup is NOT over... Stickie edition.

Let your minds wander back to last summer.... okay, not the one that ended a couple of weeks ago, the one before that. It was World Cup Frenzy! People who never watched soccer before or since were all of a sudden experts. Games were watched. And discussed. The U.S got beaten, and all was forgotten.
Except for those few of you, who like me, were addicted to stickers. World Cup stickers. We were a small, but determined bunch. Most of us finished our sticker books as well as our online sticker books.

Or did we???

Like you, once I put the last sticker into my book, I let out a satisfied sigh and closed the cover. Until a few weeks ago.

I found out some disturbing news.

The bastards Panini had put out an UPDATE SET! ACK!!!

Are you kidding me?!???! No pigeon had come to my door telling me this. I MUST complete my sticker book!

So I did what any normal OCD set collector would do. I scoured the internet until 3am looking for these elusive unstuck stickers.
And after a few sleepless nights, I found them. All of them.

 The reason for the update set was of course because not all of the players in the initail release actually played, so stickers had to be made up for those that did.
 Germany did fairly well considering that apparently they had no idea who their Keepers were going to be going in. 0/2 on that one.
 I guess I should show you the backs..... they are numbered according to who they replace in the book, with an "x" annotation. At the bottom, it also tells you by name the 'substitution' that needs to be made.
 The stickers are a bit longer than the original stickers, as the new information about the player needs to cover up the old pplayer's information that was pre-printed into the book.
 Team France added 5 new members, and still imploded.
 Not much to say about most of these guys....
 like any of you are still reading at this point anyways...
 that was a boring sheet... all white kits.
 The lone new American.
 all in all they were 80 new stickers made up for this update set
 and as a reward for actually scrolling through all that, may I present 6 members of Canada's womens soccer team. They never win any games, but we don't care.
Sorry there's no ponies... but it's best to stick with what you know.
(see what I did there?)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I need better sunglasses...

Things have got shiny around here lately. I thought I might share some of the shiny with you. Because everyone likes the shiny, right?
Put on some shades, lower the lights, and take a gander.

First up, one of those Topps Atomic refractors everyone has got all excited about.
 I got this one of Dan Uggla at my card shop the other night. It was a gift from another collector, left there for me to pick up. Very nice.

The next two cards cost me .50 cents each at a card show a couple of weeks back.
 JHey in shiny parallel glory.
 I got Mr Aaron Shiny in a trade package from Cheap Card Collecting two weeks ago.
 And for .25 cents each at that same card show, I picked up these four Braves wrapper redemptions.

First Uggla
 then Jason...
 The Devil Wears Prado...
 and finally BMac.
I now have more Braves shiny in the last couple of weeks then I had all before put together. I'm almost in overload. I think I need to go and look through my '50's Topps Braves binder just to calm down. These cards are for someone who has a.d.d or something.