Friday, June 28, 2013

Who's uglier??? Vote now...

There's been some great uniforms throughout the years... but there's been some nasty ones as well.

We'll limit ourselves to baseball for now. Remember these? I know you probably tried to forget....

1976 White Sox

1999 Pirates

1979 Padres

 1999 Rockies

1978 Indians

So what do you think? Go over to the sidebar on the right and vote. And no, I'm not posting a picture of the last option. I have a reputation to uphold.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Contest winners!

Time to announce the winners of the contest for a FREE Zinio ezine subscription.
Aside from the 7 winners from the Premier League year long contest, I had three extra slots to give away.
Those three people are...
Fan of Reds
Mark Aubrey

to go along with the 7 previous winners

Chuck's Used Cards

for the three of you who did not get back to me in time to choose your free title.... I chose for you.

You're welcome. I hope you like it. It was tempting to send you Justin Bieber's Fan Club Monthly... but I didn't.
You're welcome.

Expect to see your first issue in your email within the next week.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Series 2 Variations

this list is more for my use than anything... I'm sure everyone has this already, but I can never find it when I need it, so I'm putting it here where I know it will always be.

#1 Bryce Harper
Regular Version: Rookie Cup
Variation: sunglasses

#6 Ryan Howard
Regular Version: fielding
Variation: signing autographs

#10 Adam Jones
Regular Version: diving
Variation: sunglasses

#11 Yu Darvish
Regular Version: red hat
Variation 1: sunglasses
Variation 2: signing autographs

#22 Clayton Kershaw
Regular Version: pitching
Variation: signing autographs

#26 Chase Utley
Regular Version: batting
Variation: signing autographs

#27 Mike Trout
Regular Version: sliding
Variation 1: signing autographs
Variation 2: sunglasses

#28 Prince Fielder
Regular Version: batting
Variation: sunglasses

#34 Felix Hernandez
Regular Version: throwing
Variation: wearing sunglasses

#55 Tim Lincecum
Regular Version: orange jersey
Variation: wearing sunglasses

#78 Dylan Bundy
Regular Version: pitching
Variation: standing at dugout with fans

#110 Justin Upton
Regular Version: batting
Variation: sunglasses

#122 Andrew McCutchen
Regular Version: batting
Variation: sunglasses

#127 Giancarlo Stanton
Regular Version: batting
Variation: sunglasses

2013 Topps Series 2 Baseball Variations Josh Reddick 213x300 Image#228 Adrian Gonzalez
 Regular Version: batting
Variation: signing autographs

#242 Matt Kemp
Regular Version: running
Variation: wearing sunglasses

#316 Josh Reddick
Regular Version: fielding
Variation: sunglasses (and one amazing beard)

#331 Jose Reyes
Regular Version: running
Variation: signing autographs

#362 Yoenis Cespedes
Regular Version: Rookie Cup
Variation: sunglasses

#456 Pablo Sandoval
Regular Version: batting
Variation: sunglasses

#595 David Ortiz
Regular Version: batting
Variation: giving speech, "Boston Strong"

#660 Miguel Cabrera
Regular Version: sliding
Variation: glove, sunglasses on head, signing autographs

#661 Hyun-jin Ryu
Regular Version: pitching
Variation: sunglasses

SO there you have it... basically, if you find a card with a pic on it that looks like it belongs in Heritage (Huge close up head shot) but he's wearing cool Oakleys, it's a SP variation. If he's signing autographs, it's a SP variation. If he's wearing shades while signing autographs, it's a SP variation.

And if he's giving the Boston Strong speech, it's Topps trying to cash in and make money off of an unspeakable tragedy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

State of Emergency

Calgary, my home and the third largest city in Canada has declared a state of emergency.

We are underwater. Well, over half the city. Over 200,000 people have been evacuated. All outlying communities within 100 miles are either evacuated or under water.

My home is safe... we bought in an area well above the water table.

It's just as well the Calgary Flames suck right now and missed the playoffs. Can you imagine the Stanley Cup finals being postponed due to flooding?

Apparently, the flood line is just over Row 11 of the seats. We now have Canada's worst hockey rink, but largest indoor swimming pool.

All roads into and out of Calgary are not just closed, but gone. It's almost impossible to go from the South to the North of the city, with only one road still open.

The downtown core (you can see it in the background of the pic) is closed and underwater. Not sure what city you live in, but imagine all of the skyscrapers etc abandoned because of flooding.

One of the big worries is about the Zoo. It's virtually impossible to get to right now. We may end up with an aquarium.

They're hoping the rain stops sometime tomorrow.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

the end of ebay bucks, and a CONTEST!

a little while ago, I received a friendly email from our pals, ebay. They were pleased and proud to inform me that the program called ebay bucks was being discontinued in order to serve me better.
For those of you not in the know, ebay bucks was a program where ebay gave you back a percentage of your spending every quarter in a form of a ebay gift certificate to be spent on whatever you please.
Not having this extra cash to spend will certainly serve me better. No more stressing out over what to buy, or having to deal with all of that free stuff. Thanks ebay! My life is certainly better served.
Anyways... they informed me that I had a certain time period in order to spend what bucks I already had in my account.
here's some of my loot..... oh, and if you're here because of the word CONTEST in the title, just skip to the end and follow the simple instructions. Free stuff awaits.
I was in a football mood, so I hit up first. My Edwin van der Sar collection hadn't been added to in awhile. I remedied that.
a 2011 Futera Unique. Futera make great cards... unfortunately, I'm more likely to come across a unicorn than these cards around here. So I must resort to the evil online empire once in awhile.
 2007 Futera
 and 2004 Futera. The seller offered me two free cards because of this purchase...
So I grabbed Manchester United star Ryan Giggs and former Netherlands great, Edgar Davids. I miss watching him play. He was a great Nike commercial many years ago... I must find that and post it.



two cool cards from the 2008 Euros... team mates van der Sar and van Persie.
These cards have a relief effect and it's done right.
Finally a couple of shinies from the popular games that are out there. Panini's Adrenalyn XL and Topps' Match Attax.
I've always wanted to play these, but have never found anyone else who wants to. Of course, me being a full grown adult wanting to play kid's games has nothing to do with that I'm sure.

I added a dozen more footy cards besides these... but I'll save those for another day.... maybe.... Thanks for nothing ebay.

EDIT: I guess I should have mentioned that the end of ebay bucks was for Canada only...

Oh yeah, the contest... I have a contest going for free subscriptions to your favourite magazines.
No cost, no catch, no credit card required, please don't bribe me with cash... just skim the previous post, you don't even have to read it, and comment at the bottom. Easy peasy.
Have fun.