Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Premier League contest - Week 14

Holy Sneaky Bonus Week Batman!

I hope most of you are paying attention because it's a short week here in Premier Land. I almost missed this and have to slam together this post on the fly at the last minute.

We got game here on Tuesday and Wednesday! A great opportunity for some of you to gain points on those that don't check in here except for weekends.

Speaking of hot blondes, it's time for Katarina van Derham.

Christy Hemme, whom I believe retired from football in order to wrestle???

sporting City colours, and by default our least favourite model, Alana Curry.

Short print hi number of Nikki Zeno.

and finally Jill Wagner.

Jill makes me feel a sudden urge to run an obstacle course and buy a Mercury.

Everyone plays either Tuesday or Wednesday so let's get your results in by thursday lunch at the latest. Thanks.

Good luck all and Go United!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Premier League Contest - Week 13

Welcome to Week 13... let's not have another week last last week, okay?

Hopefully the 5 injuries to my United squad have had time to heal. My apologies to QPR for hopefully bearing the brunt of revenge this week.


Onto the lasses...

Jessica Landon thinks it's funny that her kit has shrunk in the wash.

Yvette Nelson does not. Yvette is all business.

Lana Kinnear's kit has not only shrunk, but it's torn as well. Perhaps a new trainer is in order.

Sweet mother, a red head. Me and Gibbs baby.... we know... we know...

Laura Marie Buka.... what red head? Yummy.

Bonus pack! Jennifer Korbin sends her love.

All games are this weekend, so let's get your posts in by monday lunchtime please.

By the way, if your teams are participating, how are they doing in Champions League?

Go United!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wax n' Sushi

Back in May I wrote a post about mini Humpty Dumpty baseball and hockey cards found in bags of potato chips.
Ryan from Chaos and Kanji sent me an email asking about the availability of them. I said no problem, which ones did he want? He only wanted one of them. Just one. So I mailed it off to him. Easy Peasy.
A few days ago I received an envelope from Japan. Ryan had sent me some cards from Japan.

Although I don't even consider tennis a sport, getting cards of Caroline Wozniacki and Maria Sharapova is always a good thing.
I cleaned my scanner before scanning these.... not like you can tell. I hate foil.

Of course you knew there were going to be Japanese baseball cards.... looks like there's going to be a play at the plate!
Anybody been wondering where Kaz Ishii went?
I also got a couple of Japanese football cards.
Some of you may remember watching Yuji Nakazawa in the 2010 World Cup.....
some of you just may remember chasing after his sticker trying to complete your Panini 2010 World Cup sticker book.

Thanks for the cards Ryan... it's great to see my hobby from a different perspective.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Premier League Contest - Week 12

A bit of housekeeping to start us off this week. Due to a lack of concentration on my part, I chose to use different title for a couple of contest posts resulting in me not counting correctly.

This is Week 12 people. You all knew that of course, but some of my post titles are shall we say, whacked.

No big deal.... 99.9% of you never even see the post titles anyways... you just look at the girlies.

And if that's what it takes to get some new people into at least half paying attention to the Beautiful Game, I'm good with that.

and so is Tina Jordan. I'd have to say Tina's kit is not anywhere near regulation.

Jen Sibley's is more like it

I'm not sure how Crystal Lett plans to play in a form fitting skirt though

and I'm almost positive Julianna Prada is on her way to a wardrobe malfunction

Tina Jordan Hotpack! Benchwarmer inserted a set of Racing Girls into their World Cup set. Why? I have no idea. Most of you probably don't care or have any problem with it.

Again, Brandy Flores shows off the pink in upporting Breast Cancer Awareness month... I really should've posted her in October

A full slate of games this weekend... 8 on Saturday, 1 each on Sunday and Monday, so please get your replies in by Tuesday lunch. Thanks.

And as always, Go United!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It is the set that never ends.... 2008 UD Timelines

Four of five months ago at trade night for one of my local shops, they had some "Trade Night Specials."
I purchased a couple of boxes... one of which is this one. 2008 Upper Deck Timelines. They call it Timelines because it will take a person eons to complete it.
Let's see what $25 gets me. I've already busted a box of this...okay, maybe two, in a futile effort at completing the set.
 2 autos per box..... but only 18 packs per box. And according to the wrapper, 8 cards per pack, 6 of which are short prints.
 What??? 144 cards in a box and 108 of them are short prints??? My head hurts. Let's just look at the pictures from Pack One...

Ichiro Suzuki
 Tim Lincecum pre-hair
 Greg Smith (I have no idea who plays for the A's anymore.... not since Lansford, Weiss, Henderson, Henderson, etc...
 David Murphy... I pulled the auto version of this in one of my other boxes
 Joey Votto reminding me to clean my scanner AGAIN....
 Matt Holliday
 Jay Bruce - Reds Hot Pack!

 and finally Troy Tulowitzki
No idea which 6 of those are SP's... but even though I still need a 160 cards of a 385 card set, I only got two new cards. Something tells me no one will ever finish this set... least of all me.