Monday, August 31, 2009

This just in...

The Dodgers have acquired a new DH. Jim Thome, formally of the White Sox, will now DH for the Dodgers down the stretch run.

Now all L.A. has to do is formally apply to MLB to switch leagues so that Thome has a place to play.

Simple. No?

Sunday, August 30, 2009


My most humble apologies to all those who have been kind enough to send packages, as well as emails that I have let go unanswered.

Particularly Justin from Tampa Bay Sports, Derek from Hey That's Mine, Alfredo from It's My Pastime, Jack the Baseball Dad, David from Tribecards and Jim from GCRL.

Things have been busy / hectic, whatever the excuse you would like. I'll get to you. Soon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yummy Fullness

Our '09 Fantasy Football League is full! Thanks to all who entered. It should be a fun time. Hope to see you all at tonight's draft.
And in response to my choice of passwords, I give you this...
See? Not everything about the Redskins are terrible. Equal opportunity Canuck. That's what they call me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

mini guessing game

Mark from Stats on the Back, despite being a Mets fan, is a pretty good guy. But he had me guessing on his latest package.
Included was a complete set of Score "Do You Remember" inserts from 1988. It was Score's version of Topps gum, or Fleer stickers, little half sized lenticular inserts.
If you pick up your monitor and tilt it up and down, you'll see why these are so cool.
Go ahead, try it.

Also, Mark included one card. One. A 1973 Topps John Hiller of the Detroit Tigers. Now here is where the guessing game begins. Now, I established that Mark is a Mets fan. That usually means that person is not too bright. But Mark is. I know. He can spell and everything. But why would I get a card of Detroit Tigers relief pitcher?
I stared at this card for about 5 minutes wondering..... do any of you know?

I love the wistful look as John gazes off into the distance... not to mention the two dudes hanging out in the background...

But those are not the reasons.

Give up?

Aw yeah baby!

Thanks Mark!

Still looking...

Well, I'm still looking for a lot of things really. My keys. My lucky hat. A '54 Hank Aaron. The phone number from that hot blonde volleyball player in university.
However I'd settle for 3-5 more players for fantasy football.
The draft is wednesday night, like I said, you don't have to know much about football, just have fun.

Hit me up on email, or leave a comment here and I'll send the info over to you.

and by the way, Amanda, if you're reading this, I'm married now, sorry for not calling.

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Football Fantasy

I'm doing the usual fantasy football league this year... any of you dudes and dudettes want to play? My other league is full, so I'm starting another one.

I don't care if you know a tonne about football, just that you pay attention all season and have fun.

The draft is scheduled for Wednesday night.

Leave a comment here with your email, or just send me an email and you're in.

By the way, the Eagles suck even more this year than last. And that's saying something.
EDIT: my wife says I'll get more interest if I post a pic of a hottie in a jersey. So there ya go.
There is something about a pretty girl in a jersey isn't there? I know when my wife puts on my old #67........ I'm in trouble...

Think you know the HOF contest

There seems to be a plethora of contests today. Must be something in the water.

The latest is from my good friend Troll. No really. That's his name. (a little more believable than his other name)

So go here, read the instructions, and have some fun. You may even win the trunkload of stuff he's giving away. AN ALL HALL OF FAME CONTEST!!!!!!

And by the way, if you don't vote for Dale Murphy, then SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Free Ginter contest

Go here.

Read this.

Follow these instuctions.

Wait for the payday...

and tell him Canuck sent you!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

eBay help

How do you report a scam ebay seller?

I bid on three autograph cards the other day, all numbered to /25 or less... and was about to win them all. Then a buyer with zero feedback came in and won them all with astronomical bids at the last minute. The seller only had around 12 things for sale at the time.
Five days later, the same seller has the same three autographed cards #/25 for sale again.

How do I report this cocknocker to eBay???

thank the gods for Luis Castillo


he's really keeping us in there.... atta boy Luis!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


No. Not Walter Payton, although he is coming up in a future post.... this sweetness...
stickers! John sent me more stickers! I'm so busy with them that I didn't even bother to stop and take a picture. Why? Because I took one the last time he sent some. So you get the same pic as last time.
If I hadn't of told you, you never would have known.
Now if you'll exscuse me, I've got some stickers to stick in my sticker book.

Monday, August 17, 2009

once again...

Tommy Hanson, let the dogs out.

Tommy Hanson once lost two games in a row to find out what everyone else felt like.

Tommy Hanson shaved off his beard, so that 5000 homeless people would be warm this winter.

Stay thirsty my friends.


Sorry.... back soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shout out to Trader Crack's...

Ryan from Trader Crack's sent over around 65 or so '08/09 OPC Hockey cards I needed for my set. Including a few retros too....
these pictures are not the ones Ryan sent.... I got so excited when I got them that I updated Zistle and put them in my binder right away before scanning them.
so enjoy these generic scans for now.
(what? I'm getting better.... I used to just put them in my binder. Now I stop, and put them in Zistle first. Baby steps.....)
Thanks Ryan!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In The Game box break review

Now that blogger is actually working and letting me upload images, it's time to finish off part two of my last post. If you haven't read it yet, scroll down quick and read it first. then pop back up here.
I received quite a few responses from my question of what makes a good box break. I was surprised to hear most of you say you're looking for sets. Maybe set builders are the only ones who take time out to comment. Possible. Anyways, on with the break, and then I'll have another question for you.

2007/08 In The Game O Canada Hockey!
If you've read my blog enough, you know that In The Game is a Canadian company that produces unlicensed hockey cards. So think, Upper Deck baseball. But better quality. And fresh, original (for the most part) ideas. So maybe don't think Upper Deck baseball.
This set consists of 100 base cards, no SP's!!! and out of every three boxes, one box will have 2 autos and 1 patch, one box will have 1 auto and 2 patches, and one box will have 1 auto and 1 patch. You can guess which box I got... *sigh*

But enough lamenting the odds. The set consists of players who have played for Team Canada at various "amateur" tournaments. Like every four years, if you know what I mean. If I type the "O" word, I'll have to pay a royalty. And if In The Game ain't paying it, neither am I.

First up, the Youngin's
21 cards of the Under 18 team. Great to see some of the future stars on card in full Team Canada colours.

Next, 20 cards featuring the ladies of Canadian hockey. Ms. Goyette seen here is a friend of mine. She used to work for me back in the day.... really nice, funny accent, always wanting time off to travel to Nagano and Sweden and Lake Placid. Not very becoming of an employee, but we worked through it.
21 cards of the World Juniors. You readers down south who don't follow hockey much will be able to identify these guys anytime by looking for the gold medal around their necks at Christmas time.
17 Graduates of the Canadian program. You might recognize some of their names, like this fellow...
10 dual cards. Just for fun.
And 10 cards of the top players from other countries. These are the ones with silver medals around their necks.
For you younger readers, this guy was the best goalie to never play in the NHL. Maybe the best goalie. Period.
All in all I got a complete 100 card set out of my box, with 19 duplicates. If any of you want/need them, they're yours. Speak Up.
Now onto the hits. From my last post, I gave you a sneak peek at what I got. An auto and a beautiful 4 colour game used patch.
Here they are...
Cassie Campbell. Arguably the best female defenceman ever to suit up for Canada, or any country for that matter. She wore the "C" for Canada, and now works for the CBC on their Hockey Night in Canada telecasts.
And the patch? One of only 20...
Vicky Sunohara please go to her website and give a quick read over her biography. 15 Gold Medals kids. They don't give those out in cereal boxes, although she was on one once.
Okay, so if you've stayed with me this far, we'll now get to the second part of my question. Would you be happy with this box now, knowing the checklist. With possible autos from Ovechkin, Sakic, Brodeur, Kurri, Yzerman, Jagr etc... and patches from all the same... would you be happy with this?
I, personally, am thrilled. Even knowing I could've got a Carey Price patch, or a Joe Thornton auto, I am thrilled with who I got, and the quality of said cards.
In The Game does game used right. Look at their checklists. No card over 100, most out of 20. I couldn't be happier.
What about you? Would you consider this a disappointment now that you know who the hits are?
And by the way, if you like hockey cards, or are thinking about starting, check out ITG. This box was $30. Seriously. Here's another ITG product review I did....
EDIT: It has been pointed out that I did not give Ms Campbells website its' due. LINK Very impressive.

Monday, August 10, 2009

a question of satisfaction...

For all you box breakers out there.... you know who you are... I want to know what you look for when you bust open a box? Is it a complete set? Hits? Jerseys? Or is that Jersies? Maybe autographs are your thing? Shiny parallels?
And at what cost? How do you rank whether you've just opened a good box, or a bad one?
I'm just looking for opinions here.

For example. You buy a box for $30. In it you find a complete base set, an auto,
and a four colour game used patch.
Are you happy?
The reason I'm not showing what product this is will be revealed in my next post where I will post my box break review.
Let me know what you think now, AND after you find out what these came from. Your opinion may change.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

trade update

I know most of you tune in every morning to catch the latest update on "Since the Trades" located over on the right side of this ole blog. It's kinda like sitting down with the morning paper (do people still do that?)
Anyways. So far it's been a sham. Frenchy has been killing the ball. Church couldn't hit his way out of a wet paper bag.

But no more!

After last night, Dodger Killer Ryan Church has closed the gap.
3-5, 1 homer and 4 RBI's.
That pretty much doubled his Braves output in one game. My man LaRoche also took an 0-5 in that game, bringing him somewhat back to Earth.

I know you'll continue to tune in every morning for further updates.

Friday, August 7, 2009

does anyone know?

Hey bloggers... does anyone know where I put that stack of Timelines I was sending to dayf? There they were... gone. Poof.

Those fecking gnomes.... I swear, if it's the last thing I do......

dayf, your Timelines and other goodies may not go out until monday.... just a hunch.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do me a favour...

I'm going out for a bit to mail off some packages. (maybe to you!)

If anything happens while I'm gone, leave me a note so I know what's going on.

I hate being left out of the loop....

Mailed Stats

So I haven't posted anything since Tuesday. Anything happen while I was gone? Any news? Anything worth chatting about? No? Didn't think so.
What we have today is the latest offerings from Stats on the Back. A lot of you signed up for the great giveaway Mark had going on... let's see what he sent.
First, there was a note apologizing that his package was so small.
Knowing that quite a few kids read this blog, I'm just going to let that slide and leave it at that.
He also made a comment about the Braves, but again, I won't repeat that here. Use your imagination.

Star cards! I love minor league team sets. Unfortunately, where I live, these are super scarce.
A couple cards from 1988...

and into 1989...

I don't think any of these guys except one made it to the show.
all Brian had to do was beat out Jody Davis or Damon Berryhill.... doesn't say a lot about Brian, does it?

I wonder if Paul ever met Candy?

Al made it to the bigs.... it must've been the glasses.
if you had asked me who Therron Todd played for, I would've said the Red Wings.

Mark also sent some '70's goodness.
My very first 1974 cards!
love these uni's!
I wondr what that stain is on Roric?

and I love these multi dude rookie cards. I know a lot of you don't. I do. My blog. My rules.
Apparently, Mark knew I was working on my 1972 Braves team set...
now I have my first double. (trade bait!)
But he added a card I needed!
Awesome. I wonder when photographers learned about back lighting and overexposure?
Was that in '76?
And finally we have Bob Didier.
LOVE that All Star Rookie Cup/Trophy!
Thanks Mark!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Contest from the National!

No. Not from me. I didn't go to the National. Way to long of a roadtrip.

Go check out Voice of the Collector, and enter there.

Some really cool prizes to be had.

Lisa is mine though. Mitts off.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Help! Remember these?

For those of readers who were with me last year, do you remember these? LINK1 LINK2
Or for you newer readers, click on the links and read away. I'll be here when you get back.

Okay, everyone up to date? Well I finally got around to busting the rest of theat box and let me tell you. Fleer may be the "extra profit line" but the ain't the "best collation line"

I still need 20 cards. And I have a big ole stack o' doubles to trade. Here's my list, if anyone can help, thank you very much. Also, if you need help, LMK and I'll check my doubles pile.

#5, 6, 13, 14, 20, 29, 37, 45, 46, 61, 62, 70, 77, 78, 85, 86, 94, 102, 110, 118 and the no numbered Reggie Jackson checklist

Free Football!

No. Not for you. For me! Joe from Priceless Pursuit was offering some free football cards. You know football is my favourite. (and free don't hurt neither..)
All in all I ended up with 6 Troy Aikmans, 7 John Elways, a Roy Williams, and a Tony Romo. Along with two hijackers. More on that later.
Some highlights;
Collectors Edge Gold Logo
Aikman handing off to Emmitt. Damn I miss that.

Troy dropping back to beat the Giants. Again.
Here's where the first hijacker comes in... on the front, Troy Aikman.... on the back we have
Kerry Collins? Okay. Whatever.
John wants to play that game too....
on the front...
and on the back we get....
Warren Moon. Okay. A solid QB. It would've been better in his Houston uniform though. Or his Edmonton one. That would've been sweet!
John Elway rocking the retro...
Classic die cut-jo!

and my man Tony! If you look in the background, you'll see that Tony is celebrating the winning touchdown over Indianapolis two years ago.
My wife was not amused. She won the Super Bowl that year, but I won head-to-head. You can bet which one of us does the most trash talking. Awww Yeah!

Thanks Joe!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

for those of you in a cave this week

and you just got out. Quick! Head HERE, and enter Ryan's super cool contest at Trader Crack's Card Blog.

What are you waiting for? Go!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Florida Marlin fans suck.

You in Arkansas, and you in Iowa, I'm not talking about you. Just you in Miami. Yes, You.
Here is a picture taken DURING the game between Atlanta and the Marlins this past week. No rain delay, no makeup game, it's like this. Game after game.
What the HELL is gooing on? Was there a hurricane warning that I didn't know about? Did umpire Bill Hohn threaten to let children comb out his moustache?
For two years all I heard about was how pathetic the Montreal Expos were. The team MUST be taken away. Even they had more fans show up than this.
Atlanta is in the top three for drawn attendance on the road. Apparently south Florida didn't get that memo.
Why aren't there news stories about this like the Expos? This should be front page news. MLB should be holding meetings on where the Marlins will be moved next season. And no. Puerto Rico is not acceptable.
Fans in Oklahoma, Portland, and Pittsburgh are begging for a team. You have one, and this is what you do.
Pathetic. Feel shame... unless you were at the game, feel shame.

How sweet it is.....

Braves win.
Adam 2-3 with a walk and scored the game winning run.