Thursday, March 26, 2009

a cure for depression... maybe not...

So I was a little depressed today... so I thought I might make a trip to the nearest card shop. That will cheer me up, right?

'09 Spectrum - $145 a box
'09 In The Game Between the Pipes $120 a box
'09 Upper Deck Hockey Series 2 - $85 a box
'09 Champs Hockey (hockey's version of A&G) - $150 a box
'09 Upper Deck Baseball Series 1 - $110 a box

Seriously? Is this what the new stuff is going for? I haven't been on th 'bay for awhile, but really? For new stuff?

It's no wonder I always wait and buy wax a year or two after the fact.


Powerforward said...

Yeah, I haven't bought a new box of cards in years. At least there are the Blaster boxes.

shoeboxlegends said...

It's ridiculous isn't it? Champs is the worst, I think you only get about 120 cards, so you're looking at almost a buck a card, maybe more depending on what you pay. To make it worse a lot of the cards are miscut or have fuzzy edges. It's too bad because they look great, but stay away!!!

shoeboxlegends said...

You can get 2008-09 UD Series 2 for just over $50 on Ebay with free shipping, if you're still a ways from the set that's the way to go!