Friday, March 27, 2009

idle hands you know...

So I find myself with a little spare time now that I don't have to worry about that whole career thing. Why not get some trades going?
Trading for my wantlists has been rather slow lately... so I figure why be so specific? Here's what came to me.
I found a box of 92/93 Pro Set Jumbo hockey ridiculously cheap. 20 packs. I opened one and posted on A Pack A Day, the other 19, as well as a lot of other junk wax I have are available. For next to nothing. Or less than nothing.

Here's the deal. If you would like a pack of junk wax, shoot me an email. Offer me something in trade. A card. A picture of your cat. Or even, a surprise. I don't care. Include your address and I'll send you a pack or two of junk wax. I have a couple boxes each of hockey, basketball, and baseball.

You'll get something to open, and I'll be able to start my spring cleaning.

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