Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm gonna rip it!

Lookee at what I got on the 'bay for $1.75! A whole factory sealed box of 1992 Action Packed Football!
$1.75! Madness!
I loved this stuff when it came out in '91. I collected the set, bought the update set, got the All Madden set, then bought the factory set. ( The factory set is absolutely gorgeous for those of you who have never seen one.)
Now, I get to re-live that, a year later. (well, 17 years later... but you know what I mean)

And remember kids!!!!
Alright! Action Packed with the clean teen message!

Scans to come. After dinner sometime. And all of these will be put on Zistle if you want to see the whole thing.


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Congratulations on your purchase. I love this stuff too. Can't wait to see what you pull.