Monday, March 16, 2009

1992 Action Packed Football box break Packs 1-6

You all know why I've brought you here.... a little Action Packed! Action Packed did football cards in the early '90's. But not just any football cards. 3D relief textured super touchyfeely football cards.
Upon opening the box, I find this!
An order form for super cool Action Packed stuff! If anyone has one of those leather jackets in a 52 Extra Tall, let me know.

The wrapper.
For the '91 set, the wrapper was black. In '92, it's white. Now you know.
Pack One
John Elway QB Broncos (it's going to be a good box)
Eric Kramer QB Lions
Nick Bell RB Raiders
Terry Allen RB Vikings
Mark Ingram WR Giants (Boo!)
Rickey Reynolds CB Bucs (love those old school jerseys)
Pack Two
Dave Meggett KR Giants
Chris Spielman LB Lions
Tim Brown KR/WR Raiders
Marv Cook TE Patriots
Broderick Thomas LB Bucs
Tommy Kane WR Seahawks
Keith McCants DE Bucs
Pack Three
Keith Byers RB Eagles (Boo!)
Brian Blades WR Seahawks
Louis Lipps WR Steelers
Pepper Johnson LB Giants
(The backs have another photo of the player, as well as a spot on the bottom where you were supposed to get their autograph. Blue backs and fronts for the NFC, Red backs and fronts for the AFC)
Ernest Givins WR Oilers (Love the powder blue!)
Pack Four
John Offerdahl LB Dolphins
Mark Jackson WR Broncos
Jay Higenberg C Bears
Chris Miller QB Falcons (This one's for you dayf)
Leonard Russell RD Patriots (this set is full of the old jerseys... this was back when the Patriots still sucked)
Pat Swilling LB Saints
Pack Five
William Fuller DE Oilers
Louis Oliver S Dolphins
Greg Kragen NT Broncos
Aeneas Williams CB Cardinals
Andre Rison WR Falcons (before his girlfriend burnt his house down)
Tom Waddle WR Bears
Pack Six
Neal Anderson RB Bears
Vincent Brown LB Patriots
Rich Gannon QB Vikings
Shane Conlin LB Bills
Jeff Herrod LB Colts
Tony Tolbert DE Cowboys (How 'bout dem Cowboys!)
Not too bad..... packs 7-12 tomorrow...


Dubbs said...

The Lions and those facemasks...thick and, well, thick. I gotta say, during my senior year of football we ordered our own facemasks (the cool LB ones, not the nancy generic lineman ones), the "Detroit" as it was called, was not on our list.

stusigpi said...

Chris Miller

He used to hang out at the bars around Eugene and Springfield. One night in 92-93 he was at the Poor Boy Tavern on 42nd in Springfield. I lived 1/2 mile from there. My brother came in at 11 or 12 to get some Miller cards. The cards were those Fleer Ultra ones that I think they actually inserted auto versions into packs. Took them up there and got them signed. Still Got em.