Thursday, March 19, 2009

Closer....closer... sooo close.....

Today was a day of highs and lows. First, the lows. A trip to the dentist. I'll spare you the details. We've all been there. On the way home, some highs. First, the sun was shining and it got up to 10 degrees today. A beautiful start to Spring. Next, a stop at the mailbox. I love the mailbox. Today brought me three packages. I'll talk about two of them here.

My good friend Suzy from A Cardboard Problem sent me some Braves. Not just any Braves, but new Braves. Braves I don't have, or will ever have the chance to buy, as living in Canada is the same as living in a vacuum sometimes. (Still no new baseball here.)
These are the new fangled Topps Black cards all the kids are talking about.

these black cards teach me, if nothing else, that my scanner bed needs cleaning.
and Jo-Jo!
Sooz also sent a super ultra rare serial numbered Gold bordered Bobby Cox. #1237/2009!!!
okay. not that rare. but is it odd that I now have the gold #'d parallel and the exclusive black version of this before I have ever even seen a regular 2009 Topps card???
note: Both versions of Bobby were the only ones encased in top loaders. Even a Yankee fan gives Bobby the respect he deserves.

Also, some '09 Upper Deck. The Braves Team Leaders card;
I LOVE these team leader cards.... love 'em! They remind me of the OPeeChee hockey league leaders in the mid-late '70's. Beautiful.

this one obviously was spared by the chipper.

Thom Glavine. I mean, Tom Glavine. This is Upper Deck, not Topps.
and finally, a puzzling one. I guess maybe Suzy is tired of our little blog war. She's decided to make peace. The final card she sent is of her favourite player, Derek Jeter, shown here in all full bleed colour, striking out against Anaheim.
A nice gesture Suzy. Thank you.
Which brings me to the second package. And the title of today's entry. Scott from Hand Collated
sent me this little gem.
One more elusive card, and this set is history! Thanks Scott.


Goose Joak said...

Ahh, Kelly Johnson. I'll just let you know that I have my eye on him in fantasy...fantasy baseball, that is.

Unknown said...

Heyo, As a fellow canuck I feel your pain. Luckily, i'm in Toronto where I can go and drop a few hundred dollars I dont have on baseball cards.

I'll shoot you a Braves set once I get everything organized. should get you to me.

Feel free to check out the website Here if you want to read me bitch about topps products from time to time.