Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opening Day Contest Post number 3

Opening Day Contest Easter Post - The day millions of chocolate bunnies are sacrificed to keep dentists everywhere in business.

Today's contetstants; Jeff Wilk, The Dimwit, jaybarkerfan, and dawgbones.

Pack 9
 Jeff Wilk
Carlos Marmol - Remember that Robert Munsch book, Murmel Murmel Murmel? I think of that every time I hear Carlos' name. 0 pts
David Ortiz - I should take a way a point because he can't play baseball and is hanging around as a D.H. 0 pts
Nick Swisher - a Yankee! -2 pts
Carlos Santana - a catcher in full gear! +2 pts
Buster Posey - a catcher not in full gear. 0 pts
Adam Dunn - Favourite team! +2 pts
Richard Nixon - insert! Throws a strike to Ted Williams. +2 pts

Pack Total : 4 pts  Bonus Total 1 pt

Pack 10
 The Dimwit
he adds cheese to a cheese pizza +1 pt
Ervin Santana - will he ever live up to the hype? 0 pts
Brian Bogusevic - Favourite team! +2 pts
Ike Davis - a Met. -1 pt
Obama - insert +2 pts. So far, on the two Bush cards and on the Nixon, the back of the card mentions that they threw the ball right down the middle as a strike. On Obama's card, it mentions that the ball sailed high and to the far left. Is that irony or a metaphor?
Dustin Pedroia - how can someone win the MVP and then disappear? 0 pts.
Troy Tulowitzki - cool action shot. 0 pts
Yovani Gallardo - boy did he get lit up last night. 0 pts.

PACK TOTAL : 3 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 1 pt

Pack 11
deepdish and double meat. Yum. +1 pt
Mark Buehrle - the start of a Chicago pack 0 pts
Aramis Ramirez - nice shades. 0 pts
Neil Walker - who? 0 pts
Daniel Descalso - interesting action shot 0 pts
Ryan Dempster - the second winningest Canadian pitcher 0 pts
Neftali Perez - Favourite team! +2 pts
Jay Bruce - insert +2 pts

PACK TOTAL : 4 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 1 pt

Pack 12
Aubrey Huff - who names their kid Aubrey? He's the one in the corner eating paste. 0 pts
Phanatic - insert! +2 pts He's a Phillie. -1 pt  TOTAL +1 pt
Martin Prado - A Brave!!! +2 pts
Kelly Johnson - a former Brave! a current Blue Jay! 0 pts
Andy Pettitte - a damn Yankee -2 pts
Brent Morel - Where is his chin??? 0 pts
Carlos Marmol - insert! murmel murmel murmel   +2 pts

PACK TOTAL : 3 pts  BONUS TOTAL : 5 pts

I'll update the leaderboard on Monday. Now go sacrifice another chocolate bunny.


Greg Zakwin said...

Carlos Santana! Damn you Ned....

And that Tulo card is superb.

Play at the Plate said...

Catchers, Presidents and Mascots, oh my!

arpsmith said...

Up to 3 Giants in the break so far but none for me. Will the 8 points stand up???

Cardhobbyist said...

Knowing my luck, I'll end up with a pack full of people with dreadlocks

hockey kazi said...

Jays are now 2-0--still hoping my luck is as good as theirs--maybe my pack war will go into extra innings

The Angels In Order said...

I prefer the Walmart blue over the Target red.

JediJeff said...

I gotta ask - what in the hell did I get a bonus point for? My stunning looks?

Hackenbush said...

The Cubs will trade Marmol to any team for a few cases of Frosty Malts. Add in the wooden spoons and we'll throw in Kerry Wood.

Captain Canuck said...

Jeff Wilk,

according to the very professional and strictly followed rules posting, you got a bonus point for commenting.
And two more for this comment on your own pack break post.
So now you have 3.

Dawgbones said...

Damn, I was a hopin for the Braves Mascot!! Figures I'd hit a Phillie insert! Hey, wait a minute, do you combine points, He is an insert from my favorite team, that should be worth 4 points -1 for being a Phillie for 3 points total?? Too bad I don't get bonus points for my categories, cause even though Aubrey is sitting in the corner eating paste, he does wear the #17 jersey!! No points for my Canadien Bacon Pizza!! And I happen to agree, Petitte is a DAMN Yankmee!!
And I'm still happy cause I beat my score from PATP's pack war!!

bamlinden said...

I don't care what anyone says.....

It's Philly.

Not Phillie.

Mascots rule.


I hope Santana comes up again in my pack !

Dhoff said...

Obama may pitch to the left, but that's one hell of a wind-up.

Morgan said...


And please don't deduct points from me, but I love the Phanatic. Hate the Phillies, love their mascot. He's stinking hilarious.

Laurie said...

Cubbie Walmart blue...very nice!!!

AdamE said...

Valentine has said that Ortiz will get some time in on the field this year. Pedroia had foot surgery the year after his MVP and just got all the extra screws taken out this offseason.

Pro Set Cards said...

I am going to say Nixon should have been -1 because his opening pitch probably missed the mitt!

Fuji said...

Love them mascot cards!

Captain Canuck said...

no more bonus comments for this post.