Tuesday, January 8, 2013

finally, a solution to the puzzle.

I hate blogger. Just wanted to put that out there. Since last Thursday I haven't been able to post anything because their image uploader hasn't been working for most people who use Explorer. I see a lot of blogs have been having the same issues.

After a week of troubleshooting the genius tech crew at Blogger come up with a solution!!!!!

They tell me to temporarily try using Google Chrome.


I sense shenanigans.

At least I don't have to make a deal with the devil they call Firefox. I'd quit blogging before doing that.

Onto some more pleasant things, like baseball cards. I've received a couple of packages in the new year, and I need to show them off. Now that I can upload pictures, I will do just that.

First, from night owl. A smallish, but power packed package. How so? Let me explain.

First card out of the package, a 2006 UD Oscar Villarreal. Oscar was the top card, and so was volunteered to be the brave warrior against the dreaded painters tape during the voyage here. He ended up victorious, but shows the scars of battle near both top corners.

from the same set, a Kevin Barry rookie card. You can tell UD was serious about baseball back then. Kevin is card #1014.  That's insane.

from this year's Bowman. Or is it last year's? Who can figure this stuff out? Anyways... a nice shot of BMac before injuries killed his season.

same set, Martin Prado about to gun someone down at 2nd base.

and, according to me, and every baseball stat site on the internet, the best right fielder in all of baseball, Mr Jason Heyward. 6.6 war ladies and gentlemen.

I'm guessing these are 2012 Topps Update cards? My first card of Jack Wilson as a Brave. Jack sure plays hard. Too bad he can't hit.

Ditto my first Brave card of Paul Maholm. By the way, when did Baseball Reference become so expensive? $270 to sponser Maholm??? $1500 for Chipper? I used to sponser starters on the Braves for under $25. WTH?

The most dominant reliever in baseball, Craig Kimbrel. Averaging 2 strike outs per inning. Nasty.

No wonder Dan forgot how to hit.... he's using waaaaay too many gloves.

getting back to this being power packed... I got to this card of former Brave and current free agent Michael bourn and realized that this was the first card I've seen before. Therefor the first duplicate! Woot! I needed all of those other ones! It's like owl took a look at my wantlists or something! (although to be truthful he didn't as I don't have public lists for any of those sets yet.... but still...)
not a great shot of Freddie...

but finally, the last card. Another one I didn't have. And even though it's one of the most over used pics in all of baseball card land, I love it. An auto of everyone's favourite knuckler, Phil Niekro.
Thanks owl!!!


flywheels said...

Did my blog disappear from your sidebar?

Love that Neikro auto!

Commishbob said...

I use Chrome exclusively and like it. Strangely on my iPhone and iPad it has issues with Blogger and submitting comments. Go figure.

night owl said...

You're welcome.

Sorry about the tape mishap. Must not have closed the team bag well enough.

Or the border patrol people have been acting up again.

bamlinden said...

That's a sweet Niekro. As a non-baseball guy, I very much enjoy and appreciate that fine offering.

Knice..........see how I did that.

Pro Set Cards said...

Phil is amazing...

This post for some reason reminds me that spring training is just around the corner!