Monday, February 4, 2013

It's over.. Game over man, Game Over!

Kudos to you and free internet cookies of you know the movie from which the title pays homage.

But it is over. No more football until September. Of course, we do have the draft in April, and the combine before that. But for true competition, we wait until fall.

Thank the gods there is hockey.

Some of you may remember that before the season started, my pal Jamie and I, or rather our alter egos, did a little pre-season prognosticating.

Let's review and grade, shall we?

Keep in mind that the two of us are desperate homers and will defend our respective teams until we die.

First up, Jamie. He picked.....

Okay. not bad. Correct choices with his Pats and the Niners. Also correctly picked the losing Super Bowl team.

As for me...

Aside from my love of the 'Boys... I nailed it.

Pats and Ravens with the Birds winning... Booyeah.
Niners in the Championship game... yessir.

Just ignore that Dallas part... *cough*...

3/4 ain't bad ya know.


Unknown said...

The quote is a great quote because of the voice that said it. Great movie too.

There is hockey and there is still soccer. And baseball is coming right down the tube.

We're good.

Anthony Hughes said...

I knew it right away! When I think of Paxton, I think of either that line or his line about what he didn't think the Pershing missile was from Weird Science.