Thursday, August 15, 2013

a little '89 Bowman and some Cereal. Post cereal.

Oh boy. I bet the view counters are spinning overtime. 1989 Bowman. Nothing like showing off the latest and greatest in an attempt to gain viewers.
But it's true. Someone sent me '89 Bowman. Night Owl in fact. But it's fine. Don't hate the bird. I asked for them.
No. Really.
Owl made some rambling mention of having old Bowman and not knowing what to do with it. I made a passing comment about wanting some of the Braves.
Well before I could get N.O. my wantlist, he flew, FLEW to the post office (see what I did there?) and mailed me a package before I could change my mind.
Okay. Survey says I need four more to complete my Braves team set. I received three from Owl. How did he do?
Dion James. Even Braves fans have a tough time remembering Dion James. Maybe because we try so hard to forget.
 Need it! 1 for 1.

2 time MVP, batting champion, and Hall of Famer Dale Murphy! We all love Dale Murphy!
 Need it! 2 for 2!

Holy fresh face Batman! Is that Tom Glavine?!?
Why yes, yes it is.
 NEED IT!!! N.O. went 3 for 3! Without even waiting or looking at my list. Now all I need is #266 John Smoltz.
I'm sure I have it somewhere.... but who knows? Someone send me one, k?

Owl took the opportunity to stuff in a few more cards as well to make it look like he just wasn't unloading old Bowman on me.

There's my boy! The best reliever in baseball. Craig Kimbrel.
 I now have Kimbrel, Uggla, Heyward, Medlen, Minor, Beachy, and Matthews from this year's Archives. Is there more?
Am I missing any??

A quick google check (seriously, does anyone anywhere use bing???) tells me nothing.

Opening up Zistle and I find that I'm still missing Hudson, McCann, Freeman, Darrell Evans and Otis Nixon.

Otis Nixon?

Nice to see the old leadoff dog getting some hobby love.

But crap. Still five to go.

Next, a really super shiny Panini Prizm Chipper Jones. Damn it is hard watching the Braves and no Chipper.
 Another Zistle check and I see that I'm down to needing three more Prizm cards.
#19 Michael Bourn
#164 Tyler Pastornicky
#182 Andrelton Simmons

Anybody got these kicking around? I got an extra Deon Sanders to trade!!!


Okay, enough begging. Time for some serious cereal.

Owl was playing with scissors again....

Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks for the Bowman bud!!!


--David said...

Um, you pulled a Bowman Smoltz in the Tribecards season break!

Captain Canuck said...


Victory is mine!

Pro Set Cards said...

Is it wrong for me to like the simplistic look of the '89 Bowman Set? Being a hockey guy I don't know what is considered kosher!

dayf said...



night owl said...

But you want more '89 Bowman, right? Like players on other teams besides the Braves, right? Like a whole box of it, right?

Jerry Yeager said...

1989 Bowman -- No NO OCD wrong size card. Actually Like Braves...but no fan of 89 Bowman