Friday, January 9, 2015

Found a bargain? Or more landfill?

Our first local trade night of 2015 happened last night. It was a pretty good time. Bought some stuff, had some decent arguments about everything sports, and generally misbehaved for almost four hours.

Of the pile of stuff I came home with... two items were rather unusual. Well, unusual for around here.

Topps baseball factory sets.

Yep, in the heart of Hockey Town, I bought two Topps baseball factory sets.

and 2007.

No, we're not talking about vintage here. Or even close. But for $5 apiece, I caved.

The 2006 set is 659 cards... missing #297.

I wonder if Olbermann will lend me one.....

And of course 2007 with 661 cards.
I must admit, I put the original 2007 factory set that I had intended to purchase back on the shelf in favour of this one.
This one came with some "Rookie variation cards" AND a game used Barry Bonds card.
It's always good to have a relic card of a Hall of Famer.

What? Too soon?

Anyways, this card has a piece of base touched by Barry during one of his home run trots in 2007.

This version also cost me $10.

I'm thinking I should've gone for the regular $5 version.....

Now the big question is... do I keep them like this? Or crack 'em open?


hiflew said...

If you don't already have the sets, crack 'em open. They deserve to be looked at, and it's not like they are an investment or anything. Who knows, they might even inspire some posts in the future.

Hackenbush said...

Open them and share your favorites. I'm sure there are some post worthy cards in there.

Twitch said...

Crack 'em open! Let those cards breathe!

Commishbob said...

I guess I'm the last collector on the planet to discover the significance of the '06 Gordon. Collecting baseball cards was not on my radar in 2006 and I had no idea. But now, thanks to you (and Google) I know the story.