Sunday, February 8, 2015

Old Topps...

I suppose before I buy any new Topps, I should try and finish off some old Topps first. Well, my Braves team sets anyways... nothing so ambitious as an entire set.

Maybe this year though. If I can find some trade partners....

Here's what I need for the past couple of years worth of Bravesness...

2014 Topps - no idea. I haven't found a checklist for this year yet... so I'll put that on my wantlist first.

2013 Topps - 46, 105, 115, 201, 222, 257, 344, 357, 418, 444, 477, 540, 576, 581, 610, 614

Updates - US45, US173, US255, US298

All Star Stitches - ASR-CK1 Craig Kimbrel (is this a jersey card???)

Making Their Mark - MM-45, MM-48

Post Season Heroes - PH4, PH5, PH12

2012 Topps -

Updates - US166, US166B, US250, US268, US314

Blockbusters - BB28

'87 Style Minis - TM-136

Gold Futures - GF11, GF34, GF35

Gold Standard - GS31, GS35

Golden Greats - GG52, GG53, GG86

Prime Nine Home Run Legend - HLR3

Retired Rings - HA

Team Rings - CJ

2011 Topps - 135B Murphy, 505B Maddux, 600B Smoltz, 640B Matthews

Updates - US143, US152

Kimball Champions - KC110

Diamond Duos DD17, DD20, DD25,

60 Years of Topps - 60YOT-61 Spahn

Topps 60 - 102, 139, 146


Billy Kingsley said...

Here's the 2014 Braves from the flagship Topps set...

I don't have any of the cards for you, but at least I can link you to the checklist you need.

Captain Canuck said...

thanks Billy!

Tony L. said...

You're a Man. Utd. fan, right?

If you are, then I'll send you the 2013 at least and possibly 2014 too if you email me your address.

If you're not, well, I'll still send you those cards if you email me your address.