Saturday, November 12, 2016

The benefit of an experienced rotation..

So for the past two seasons, the Braves have, and have publically admitted to, shall we say, not tried to hard to win a lot of ballgames.
They tanked.
Anybody young with promise? Traded away.
Anybody hitting really well? Traded.
Able to pitch a ball over the plate? Gone.

All gone, except Freddie. He's the face. Gotta keep him. And god love him for staying positive and having a damn good year despite management's best Major League efforts.

It's been a lean two years. TV doesn't show them anymore. As a result, I have no idea who most of the lineup is.

Why would anyone do this?


What? Get rich by losing? Huh?

It's all a big master plan to start to win in 2017. The year they move out of antiquated Turner Field (what?) and move into their brand new shiny digs, SunTrust Park in Cobb County.

All I can say is, this better be worth it. These last two years have been hell.

Now in preparation of winning it all, the Barves have started to assemble their new Cy Young winning rotation.

On Thursday, they announced the first signing.
42 year old R.A. Dickey. Atlanta will be R.A.'s sixth team in fifteen years.

On Friday they announced the signing of 43 year old Bartolo Colon. Atlanta is Bartolo's ninth team in twenty one years.
 and yes, Colon did pitch for the Expos. Remember them? Not as a rookie.... but in his sixth season.

Today, the final piece was added with the surprise re-signing of former Brave, 77 year old Phil Niekro.
General Manager John Coppolella was heard saying about Niekro that they needed to add some veteran leadership for the youngsters. It will be nice for Phil to mentor young Dickey. Help him develop and perfect his curveball that he has spent the last fifteen years using.

Looking forward to a great year! (maybe it should be Cialis Park?)


Fuji said...

Awesome. I needed a good chuckle.

Mike Matson said...

I can see it.. lol

bamlinden said...

The pre-game video can be that Cialis commercial where nobody is watching the movie. That one makes me laugh.

Good luck with those "athletes" this year.

The Big Kahuna said...

Hey now.....Colon may still be able to get the job done. The Braves picking up Dickey though kind of surprised me a little. I hope that Mallex Smith will be a producer next year though because they need hitters. I think AJ Minter will be a nice relief pitcher for the bullpen if he gets called up.