Sunday, April 26, 2020

A journey to the dark side....

Way back in the day, I ranted about graded cards. I didn't like them. I still don't like them. But despite what my girlfriend says, I'm not a dinosaur.
I understand the need for them. The hobby is changing. And graded cards are where it's heading. Heck, it's already there. 
In an online world, buying and selling graded cards is easy. No muss, no fuss. Each party knows exactly what the value is. With raw cards? Not so much. Extremely subjective. 
Now don't misunderstand me... I'm not running around acquiring these hunks of plastic all willy nilly. But I'm not cracking them out of their cases like I used to either.
Well, almost never.

There are a few exceptions... like when I literally trip over one at a local card show that slides into my wheelhouse. 

There it was. And cheap too. I had no idea just how cheap until much later. I now feel bad about it. If I run into the seller again, I might throw some cash his way. Somehow a hockey collector ended up with a baseball card and didn't know what it was worth. Being junk wax, I mistakenly assumed it was priced correctly.
Ah well, I was probably going to hell anyway.

What say you? Do you like graded cards? Do you crack them out of their wee prisons?


The Angels In Order said...

I like graded cards, as long as they're graded by a reputable company. I do not pursue them though.

night owl said...

I will be the last dinosaur. I think graded cards distort our hobby and I don't want to operate in that world. It's sad that people can't trust a regular old card anymore, especially when you're talking about something that was created in the last 50-60 years.

I break them out as often as I can. I still can't do it with my '53 Bowman Pee Wee Reese, but that's about it.

Fuji said...

I enjoy collecting them and it depends on the grade if I'll bust it out or not. If I feel the grade or holder brings down the overall appeal of the card, I'll pop it out.

gcrl said...

I break them out if they are for a set or team set. I do regret doing that to my 1952 topps Jackie Robinson card though

shoeboxlegends said...

It's not a popular angle among bloggers it seems like, but I enjoy them. I like all types of cards truthfully, but graded vintage stars are right in my wheelhouse. I think you're right about the tie to the online buying experience, especially for more expensive or rare, valuable cards.

I don't buy my cards as an investment, I buy them because I enjoy them. I'd be lying though if I said that ease of sale/resale value for slabbed cards doesn't give me peace of mind a bit. Many a time over the years with graded cards I've sold them when I've tired of them or they no longer fit my collection for as much as, or often quite a bit more than, I paid for them in the first place.

Welcome back by the way, I think I have to add you to my blogroll again!

Jim from Downingtown said...

There are 2 types of collectors. Those that collect for the fun of it, and those that collect as an investment. The 2nd type was prevalent at the height of the junk-wax era and apparently are still with us.

Collecting graded cards can be viewed no other way than that you are collecting as an investment. Why else to pay the premium for someone's opinion of a card?

If graded cards are someone's thing, fine. But I suspect there are many who collect graded cards that will say they aren't in it for the investment. To them, I call BS.

Matt said...

Not really a big fan of graded cards and dont' seek them genuinely, however for vintage cards just to show they are real would be the only reason I would go for graded

Hackenbush said...

I agree with Sports Card Collectors. I don't really care about the grade. A nice card is a nice card. But if you're going to shell out big bucks, whatever that is to you, it's peace of mind that you're not buying a counterfeit. Coincidentally, that Maddux is one of the very few graded cards I own. I think I won it in a blogger's contest years ago.