Sunday, September 13, 2020

The best kind of cards I'll see this month...

 This is a post of many thanks. You won't see the newest, shiniest hit product here today. Only a few cards sent to me by some old friends.

Or as I like to call it, the best kind of cards ever.

First up, some Allen & Ginter needs from Chris at Nachos Grande. Chris sent over a few from last year's offering.

The Murph!

My current fave, Freddie
The Greatest, Hank
Mr. One and Done.
Sharon's favourite...
I have to admit, I like those better than some of the previous year's efforts.....

and now a couple from gcrl and his current blog, cards as i see them.
two of these were from my dirty dozen want list over there on the right side. the question i have is where the hell are the 37 copies of this card that i know i have somewhere?
but jim was nice enough to send me another just so i could cross it off of my list.
and look! actual cardboard. future hall of famer brian asselstine.

as well as a 2012 chippah! no. wait. a 2020 chippah!

Thanks boys! Much appreciated.


Jon said...

I thought that "Brian Asselstine" was going to be a reference to something that I wasn't familiar with, but the Google tells me that he's a real person... I was not expecting that!

gcrl said...

Glad they arrived. Asselstine's hair on that card is tremendous.

Bulldog said...

Great cards and memories. Those A&G are nice looking cards. Good post.