Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get your guesses in...

Go here to see the prize....

Rules are simple... pick the winners, pick the amount of games needed, and guess the answer to the tie breaking bonus question.

(6)Carolina Hurricanes @ (1) Boston Bruins

(8) Anaheim Ducks @ (2) Detroit Red Wings

(4) Pittsburgh Penguins @ (2) Washington Capitals

(4) Chicago Black Hawks @ (3) Vancouver Canucks

each series is a best of 7 games....

Bonus Tie Breaking question: Who will be the Conn Smythe Trophy Winner? (playoff MVP)

Good Luck!

EDIT: guess all the way through to the finals.... winner of Carolina/Boston vs Pittsburgh/Washington and winner of Anaheim/Detroit vs Chicago/Vancouver, then the Finals

cutoff is Friday 5pm MST


MarieBay said...

I would just like a prize, please.

And for the record, my word verification is 'forkly'. I find it funny.

zman40 said...

Are we just guessing on round two or are we going all the way through the finals?

zman40 said...

Round two
Bruins in six
Wings in four
Penguins in seven
Hawks in seven

Wings in five
Bruins in six

Bruins in seven

Conn Smythe: Marc Savard

night owl said...

Second round
Bruins beat Hurricanes in 5
Capitals beat Penguins in 7
Red Wings beat Ducks in 5
Canucks beat Blackhawks in 7

Third round
Capitals beat Bruins in 6
Red Wings beat Canucks in 6

Capitals beat Red Wings in 7

Conn Smythe: Ovechkin

shoeboxlegends said...

Conference Semis
-Bruins in 6
-Capitals in 7
-Blackhawks in 6
-Red Wings in 5

Conference Finals
-Detroit in 6
-Bruins in 6

Stanley Cup
-Bruins in 7

Your Conn Smythe trophy winner...Tim Thomas!

dayf said...

Bru Crew 4, Stinky Winds 2
Wings 4, Quacks 1
Pingus 4, Caps 3
Haaks 4, The last Canadian team in the whole shebang 3 (sorry)

Conference Finals
Polar Bears eat Antarctic waterfowl 4-2
Flying Wheels run over Native Americans 4-3


Detroit's last remaining industry ruins Bruins 4-2

Conn Smythe: Pavel Datsyuk

dayf said...

Non-ridiculous version:

Bruins in 6
Wings in 5
Penguins in 7
Hawks in 7

Conference Finals
Bruins in 6
Wings in 7

Stanley Cup Final

Red Wings in 6

Conn Smythe: Pavel Datsyuk

thehamiltonian said...

Bruins over Hurricanes in 6

Penguins over Capitals in 5

Wings over Ducks in 7

Hawks over Canucks in 6

Conference FinalsPenguins over Bruins in 6

Hawks over Wings in 5

Stanley Cup FinalsPenguins over Hawks in 5

Conn Smythe - Sidney Crosby

LongFlyBall said...

Migrated over from another post ;


Boston over Carolina (5)
Pittsburgh over Washington (6)

Detroit over Anaheim (5)
Vancouver over Chicago (6)


Boston over Pittsburgh (6)
Detroit over Vancouver (4)


Detroit over Boston (6)

Conn Smythe : Henrik Zetterberg

RoofGod said...

(2) Detroit over (8) Anaheim
(4) Chicago over (3) Vancouver

(2) Detroit over (4) Chicago

(1) Boston over (6) Carolina
(2) Washington over (4) Pittsburgh

(2) Washington over (1) Boston

(2) Detroit over (2) Washington

Con Smythe Winner: Chris Osgood

RoofGod said...

Sorry forgot ti out my games played predictions in my last comment.

(2) Detroit over (8) Anaheim in 6
(4) Chicago over (3) Vancouver in 7

(2) Detroit over (4) Chicago in 6

(1) Boston over (6) Carolina in 5
(2) Washington over (4) Pittsburgh in 7

(2) Washington over (1) Boston in 6

(2) Detroit over (2) Washington in 6

Con Smythe Winner: Chris Osgood

Matt Runyon said...

Boston over Carolina in 5
Detroit over Anaheim in 5
Pittsburgh over Washington in 6
Chicago over Vancouver in 7

Detroit over Chicago in 6
Boston over Washington in 7

Boston over Detroit in 7

Symthe winner: Tim Thomas

kevincrumbs said...

Bruins over Canes, 6 games
Penguins over Capitals, 6 games

Wings over Ducks, 7 games
Canucks over Blackhawks, 5 games

Penguins over Bruins, 5 games
Canucks over Wings, 7 games

Penguins over Canucks, 6 games

Conn Smythe: Malkin

madding said...
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madding said...

Bruins over Carolina in 6
Red Wings over Emilio Estevez in 5
Penguins over Caps in 5
Black Hawks over Canucks in 6

Penguins over Bruins in 7
Red Wings over Black Hawks in 5

Penguins over Red Wings in 6

Conn Smythe winner: Crosby

EWS said...

Boston Bruins in 7
Wings in 5
Caps in 7
Nucks in 6

Wings in 5
Caps in 7

Wings in 6

Conn Smythe Winner: Datsyuk

Greg said...

Hell, why not. All the cool kids are doing it. FWIW, I'm the equivalent of the office secretary in this pool... I know almost nothing about hockey.

Boston in 5
Detroit in 4
Pittsburgh in 6
Blackhawks in 7

Detroit in 6
Pittsburgh in 5

Detroit in 5

Conn Smyth: Franzen

Captain Canuck said...

and the contest is now closed.

Good luck and thanks to all who entered....