Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If you haven't yet read my post on In The Game's 08/09 release of Between the Pipes, scroll down and read that first.
Back? Good.
I contacted In the Game's customer service department this morning about the five packs with only three cards in them.
Within 45 minutes, I received an email from Dr. Brian Price, head of In the Game. He of course apologized, explained the process of packing, and promised to send out some replacement base cards right away.
Very nice. Prompt, personal service. No waiting. No sending in the boxtop, 24 wrappers, and a DNA sample while chanting a french hockey mantra all while standing on my left foot.
Not at all like some other card companies. Not mentioning any names (Topps)

Thanks to In The Game.

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Offy said...

Topps' return policy is definitely ridiculous. I don't know of many card stores that give receipts and good luck getting a box UPC if you haven't purchased a box. I'm not sure why they want to limit their card replacement to just those who have purchased full boxes, but it's annoying. On the other hand, the one time I sent them a full blaster that had damaged cards, I think I got a box that was supposed to go to Beckett.