Friday, July 3, 2009


The Braves won again tonight, thanks to a pinch hit 3 run home run from Brooks Conrad.


I pride myself on knowing my team and it's players. Including most of the young pups down on the farm.

But Brooks Conrad? Nope.

To Baseball Reference we go. Now we're getting somewhere. He's a thirdbaseman for the Oakland Athletics.

What? Baseball Reference does not even list how he came to Atlanta. So now I won't be able to sleep tonight until I find out this information.

A quick check on Zistle shows he does have a baseball card. 2004 Topps Chrome Traded #165.
For the Houston Astros. Even though he never played for them in a single game.

Hmmm.... well, regardless, I congratulate Mr Conrad on hitting his very first big league home run, and in his very first at bat with his new team, the Braves.

Now somebody show me where I can get a card of this guy.....

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LongFlyBall said...

Looks as though he is in 2008 Bowman as well. As for this year, nada.