Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the anonymousisity of strangers...

there was another package in the mail today. Well, two actually, but we'll save one for another time. It's the first one of which we must speak about.

The postmark said Bellevue, Washington. but no return address. I've addressed this before. I love getting cards in the mail. Love it. But please let me know who you are so I can recipricate or at least say a proper thank you.

Card #1, a 2008 Bowman Sterling Auto of Jeff Locke. Jeff went 7-1 in Danville in '07, and will surely make it to the bigs soon enough.
He's a lefty, and he's still breathing. A virtual lock for the majors. (see what I did there? A "lock"??? Thanks you, I'll be here all week)

Next up is a 2008 Topps Heritage Hi# SP All Star of Big Mac, Brian McCann.
You can't really tell by the scan, but what a horrid job of photoshopping by Topps. The letters are drawn on by crayon or something... why did they need to photoshop McCann???? Couldn't find a picture of him wearing the only professional jersey he's ever worn?????!?!?!!?
Anyways, I digress.... Thank you Mr or Mrs Bellevue Washington!
(and yes, anonymousisity is a word)

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