Saturday, February 28, 2009

NFL merry-go-round

Kansas City gets a starting QB and starting linebacker for a 2nd round pick. The Chiefs acquire Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel for a pick.
Great move. A horrid team gets two starters, two leaders for their team. Nice to see KC trying to win this year. (well, 5 or 6 games anyway) This has far more value than what they would have received with the 35th pick.
New England, caught in a can't win scenario, gets a valuble high 2nd round pick in a lose-lose position. And valuble cap space. The pick will get them a starter, probably on the line or DB.

Dallas acquires a solid backup QB for Tony Romo. The Cowboys get John Kitna from Detroit for starting CB Anthony Henry.
Puzzling. Dallas needs a quality backup QB after waiving Brad Johnson last week. Kitna fills that role nicely. A quality guy in the locker room too, something lacking in Big D. But one of the weakness' of Dallas last year was their depth at DB.... trading a starter and hoping last years rookies fill in where they couldn't last season.... well, an interesting move. Time will tell.
Dallas also signed LB Keith Brooking. It looks like Zach Thomas will not be back, and the Ray Lewis rumours are just that.

Denver is loading up on defense. And offense. Brian Dawkins from Philly, Darryl Reid from Indy, Renaldo Hill from Miami all vastly improve an awful defense. Jabar Gaffney, JJ Arrington, Lonnie Paxton on offense.
New coach Josh McDaniels is not wasting anytime retooling an underperforming team.

The NFL season looks like an interesting one. Teams are not sitting around complacently.

Oh. And Dan Snyder is still an idiot. DeAngelo Hall? Really? The QB's in the NFC East rejoice.

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