Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another crossed off my list, and my first 2009 sighting...

Today's mail comes from Greg at Night Owl Cards. Greg was kind enough to send me a three card bonanza.
First, a card from my wantlist. A 2008 Allen & Ginter Jake Peavy. Nice. Only 11 more cards to go to complete this sucker.
Next, a 2008 Topps Gregor Blanco rookie.
and my very first 2009 card. Canada should be getting these around the May long weekend, so it was nice to see one in person.

Figures it had to be him. Well, Greg's heart was in the right place. If only John was.
Thanks Greg... as usual, I have some Dodgers saved (for you, and GCRL)... they'll go out soon.

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night owl said...

I even felt guilty sending you the Smoltz. But knowing you still don't have '09 cards there makes me feel a little better.