Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do You Follow Minor League Players?

That's the question. I'm not talking about the Strasburgs and Harpers of the world. Fox, ESPN and Topps force us to know about those guys.
I'm talking the A ball, AA ball, and AAA guys from your favourite team. Do you know who that hard hitting SS is down in High A?

I'm asking because when I was at the card shop last night, the owner handed me a gift from under his counter.
A nice, shiny card of Braves prospect Kyle Kubitza.
 An Artist's Proof card #/49. Very cool.
A buddy of mine immediately asked me if Kyle was any good. I had to admit I had no idea. He played rookie ball for our low A club in Danville last season after being drafted in the 3rd round of the 2011 draft.

Should I know this? Do you other Braves fans know of him?
Do you follow your team that closely?


Paul Hadsall said...

I pay attention to the Triple-A guys, because a lot of them will show up in the major leagues at some point during the season.

I pay attention to the Double-A guys, because I live close enough to an Eastern League city to go to a handful of games during the year.

I don't worry about the Single-A & Rookie level guys, though.

topher (Crackin Wax/Varsity Trading Cards) said...

Honestly, I barely pay attention to the minor leaguers in the Twins system only because I end up with a lot of their Bowman Chrome AUs. That's about the limit of my farm system knowledge.


I don't know all the names or even who all the best players are, but I do have short cuts to all of the Tribe minor league teams sites on my desk top. I try to check them out every now and then.

Do you remember Harold from Bluegrass Smoke Signals ? He was a big minor league fan. He just sent me over 30 Cleveland minor league team sets.Watch for a post soon.

Laurens said...

I'll keep an eye for guys having a good season and/or are annointed top prospects within the particular team [the Angels for me], but not on a day-to-day, 24/7 basis.

Commishbob said...

I follow Oriole farmhand Jake Cowan closely. Why? Because his dad is a good friend that I've known for almost 40 years. Jake hopes to move up to Fredrick this year after spending last season in Aberdeen as he recovered from shoulder problem.