Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cardboard Ketchup

Like everything else, I'm waaay behind in posting some trade/gift packages. Some have evn been put away already. Whoops. But, I'll rectify some of that today, and hit some more up tomorrow. I'm not the one who scans every card.... it would take forever, and you would fall asleep at the keyboard. So I'll hit the highlights and move on. A huge thank you to all who have sent me cards over the last month or so.... During my last contest, participants had the opportunity to send over some cards in an attempt to bribe me, win bonus points.
dawgbones sent over a small stack of baseball flavoured cards... topped with Mr Teheran and his cherry border. Is this one of those Target things I keep hearing about but have never seen until now?
Also included were a couple of cards off of my wantlists.... Chippah!
and a card of my Dirty Dozen most wanted list located off to the right. I'm glad someone reads that thing.... it's slowly diminishing. Time to replenish.

Casey from Drop the Gloves sent me a surprise hockey package, but tucked in the middle was this amazing card.
Chipper is so damn good, he can hit homeruns early in the morning, while facing the wrong way and standing in Section 17, Row 21 behind the dugout.
Yeah. He's that good.
The Angels in Order also sent over a 'potential start to a trade' package that had a card in it I've been passively chasing for over 20 years.
the no-numbered Joe Montana Heroes header card from the inaugural UD Football offering. I loved this set when it came out and bought a tonne of it. Now it's finally complete.
Of course very, very late in the year they came out with a high number series that had Joe Namath heroes cards......... Now I can begin to collect those. Anyone have any to spare?

all of the rest from Angels was hockey related, save for this odd shaped card. 1993 UD 600 Home Run Club.
How would you like to have those as your 3-4-5 hitters????? Of course, the Bambino would be peeved at not making his contract bonuses, having hit 60 home runs and only collecting 64 RBI's.

The last package I'll feature today from P.A.T.P. had a lot of fun items in it. Like stickers!
Everyone knows how I like stickers.
It also had blue bordered cards in it.
Active NL RBI leaders? Yeah, it's Chipper.

Active NL Home Run leaders? Yeah, it's Chipper. (The least Topps could do was put Andruw in a Bravos uni)

Speaking of home runs.... one of the most discussed photos from the 2012 Topps set, Huddy in his trot.....
and J-Hey in his, rounding third....
Craig has had enough of this home run talk. Strike three... game over.
Again, are these from Wally world? I know Topps does blue borders in it's Opening Day set... does the regular set do this, or do I have my first WalMart cards?

Let's end up with more fun.... mini's! Or as Owl says..... MINI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's a new Topps rule that all Heyward cards must feauture that damn red jersey.
to end off, I go to my closer.

As Bill Paxton says..."Game over man! Game Over!

up tomorrow, a special Dodger edition.