Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Winner is You!!! (but then again, probably not)

The contest is over! Long live the contest! Ok, ok... getting right to it, the far and away winner was Morgan. Congats Morgan! Those topless photos* she sent the other night put her right over the top.

The rest of you came in the first place non-winning position or worse. Congrats for that!

1  Morgan                      27 points.
2  Kazi                           20 points
    Dave H.                     20 points
    Play at the Plate         20 points
5  bamlinden                  19 points
    Adam E.                     19 points
7  Greg Zakwin              18 points
    dawgbones                 18 points
9  Cardhobbyist             17 points
10 Jafronius                   14 points
11 BASEBALL DAD    12 points
     nightowl                    12 points
13 Jeff Wilk                   11 points
     The Angels In Order 11 points
15 The High-Five Man  10 points
      Hackenbush              10 points
17 Fuji                             9 points
18 LV                              8 points
     arpsmith                     8 points
     DHoff                         8 points
21 jaybarkerfan               7 points
22 Fan of Reds                6 points
23 Mariner1                    5 points
24 The Dimwit               4 points
25 1967'ers                     3 points
     Don Wicked Ortega  3 points
     daddyohoho               3 points
     F&S Baseball Cards  3 points
29 Superduperman99     2 points
     Nick                           2 points
     Josh D.                       2 points
     The Dutch Card Guy 2 points
33 reoddai                       1 point
     The Diamond King    1 point
35 cynicalbuddha            0 points
     commishbob               0 points
     Cool Breeze               0 points
     Matt F.                       0 points
39 Jason                         -2 points
     Napkin Doon            -2 points
41 Dodgerbobble           -4 points
     (...Joe)                       -4 points

Since 42 people decided to take part in a contest where I never once stated there would be a winner, or even a prize..... I decided to have a couple of other non-losers as well.
To make it fair for everyone, I put your name in the online hat if you participated at least once in the contest. (i.e. got bonus points for something other than something I made up. Comments, pictures, etc...)
Top two get a prize of somesort....
Fan of Reds and dawgbones! Congrats to you.

I have Morgan's and Red's addresses, but I don't think I have dawgbones.... but just in case you've all moved, all three of you had best send me your addy just to confirm.

and Morgan, keep those pics* coming.

* I hope you all realize I'm kidding. At least, as far as you'll ever know.


hockey kazi said...

so what would my prize have been if I had Juan Abreu... er.. won

Dawgbones said...

How can there be a second and third prize, since there never was a first?? Congrats Morgan, you ran away with that one!! (or maybe it was the pictures??, who knows!!)