Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who Loves Stickers?!?!

I had this big post planned, but the gods have conspired against me. First, I've spent most of my time watching all of my DVR'd soccer matches from the 2012 EURO's. Secondly, this godforsaken all in one scanner/copier/fax monstrosity has decided to be a none-in-one.

While I find my hammer, don't be a dummy, and stay away from All In Ones!!!!

So you're going to get an abridged version of my Panini 2012 Euro stickers box break.

I paid $44 for the 50 packet box of stickers, but you can readily find them for $40. Albums are the usual $2.

Here is the cover for the album. Very pretty.
Here is the part where I'd show you some of the cool pages inside the album. Stoopid HP printer thingie.

The packets! 7 stickers per packet, 350 for the box.

one thing about this year's offering compared to other Panini Soccer sticker sets is the horrible collation. Apparently the North American Panini offices have infiltrated the European offices. Out of 350 stickers I pulled 115 duplicates including 24 triples.
Not cool.

I managed to wrestle 2 scans out of the craptastic all in one before it pouted and went home.


and that's it.... all of the other types of stickers are forever lost in the ether world. But know that they are spectacular dammit!

(I wonder what's in my draft folder?)


Chuck's Used Cards said...

wouldn't mind seeing a LIST of player stickers you got for Euro 2012 - I might even trade for a few.

Pardon the interruption, but I'm watching ESPN twice a day for this madness !

shoeboxlegends said...

Hah, I can definitely relate to the scanner issues! Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope Rooney makes an impact in the last game. England could use him

Bhawks lover 2278 said...

Canuck, are you O.K.? I haven't heard
from you in a while..... you worry me sometimes.

Anonymous said...

ya man really love stickers specially Rooney stickers